Grassley Threatens To Subpoena DOJ Employees Sessions Is Hiding

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It’s been almost three months since the Senate Judiciary Committee was told by the FBI, DOJ syndicate to “forget about it,” they weren’t going to send the witnesses to possible abuse of power and departmental misconduct they wanted to testify.

Senator Chuck Grassley, chairman of the committee is now threatening to subpoena them. Grassley wrote a letter to deputy Attorney General Rod “Rodentstein” Rosenstein on Wednesday, informing him that if he doesn’t start to get the cooperation he and his committee deserve he’s ready to play hardball. It’s about time.

He told Rosenstein that if the committee and the FBI are unable to come to a “voluntary agreement, the committee will consider proceeding” with “drafting subpoenas to compel their testimony.” Why is it that Rosenstein always seems to be involved in covering something up or a political pursuit of something illegitimate?

The witnesses the Judiciary Committee is seeking to question are the executive assistant director of the National Security Branch of the FBI, Carl Ghattas, and Chief of Staff and senior counsel to the FBI Director James Rybicki. The committee had originally requested that the pair be available for a July 11th interview.

The pretext for the interviews was generally to learn more about the events surrounding the witches, witches, witches Russia investigation but once they’ve started being forced to talk, they’d likely be a goldmine of information on the corruption at DOJ and the FBI. Of particular interest will be the Russia dossier on president Trump, their relationship with Fusion GPS and the determination by former FBI Director James Comey not to recommend and to block prosecution of Hillary Clinton.

In attempting to provide an incentive for cooperation, a “we can do this the easy way or the hard way” kind of offer, Grassley stated in his letter to Rosenstein that the witnesses could have both “personal counsel and agency counsel” present if they appear voluntarily, but “if the Committee proceeds with subpoenas, only counsel for the witness or the agency, would be allowed to be present in a compelled setting, but not for both.”

Grassley’s letter also stated that the committee would make both “unclassified and classified transcripts available to the witnesses for correction, and would make the classified transcript available” to the FBI for review.

When the DOJ originally refused to provide the witnesses in July, acting assistant Attorney General Samuel Ramer stated, “Under these circumstances and consistent with the Department’s long-standing policy regarding the confidentiality and sensitivity of information relating to pending matters, the Department cannot make Mr. Ghattas nor Mr. Rybicki available for transcribed interviews at this time,” according to a July letter obtained signed by obtained by CNN.

How much corruption are you boys and girls in the DC septic tank swamp trying to keep us from finding out about? It seems that the most prevalent position in the federal government is obstructionist, across all departments, even those with a reputation for integrity. DOJ and State need their own special prosecutor or Inspector General investigations. Start at the top with Tillerson, Sessions and Rodentstein.


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4 Comments on Grassley Threatens To Subpoena DOJ Employees Sessions Is Hiding

  1. I’m going to have to go with Sessions being part of the corruption. He is either completely incapable, which is hard to believe, or he is being stopped by Trump, in which case he should resign.

  2. What’s with Grassley? I could’ve sworn he was a die-hard RINO for months now, but suddenly he’s acting the part of a conservative? Come on! Something’s really screwy here.

  3. Dr Rolland Kerr // September 29, 2017 at 11:32 am // Reply

    President Trump! Drain that Swamp ASAP!


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