Grassley Slaps Down Do-Nothing Sessions, Congress Writes The Laws – Execute Them

AG Sessions might want to keep his mouth shut and do his job after tangling with Sen Chuck Grassley. Sessions, who seems willfully blind to the cesspool of corruption at his DOJ…

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions has completely ignored the corruption in critical departments, the Department of Justice and the FBI, which he oversees. He has chosen instead to focus on mandating severe penalties and strict enforcement for the crimes of average and low income Americans, those who peddle drugs.

While they are worthy of attention what he’s ignoring and effectively helping to cover up is much worse. He’s misdirecting DOJ attention and America’s resources are being squandered. The American people want the Obama-Clinton-Soros Mafia investigated and prosecuted. For some reasons Sessions has refused to do so and decided to play tough guy on the common people over marijuana and other street drugs instead.

That’s a reality that has caught the attention of Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley, particularly after reading a letter from the empty suit occupying the office of Attorney General. Sessions went after the sentencing reform efforts of the Judiciary Committee, which Grassley chairs, calling them a “grave error.”  That charge didn’t sit too well with Grassley, who, after reading Sessions’ letter, aired his response on Twitter.

Grassley tweeted, “Incensed by Sessions letter An attempt to undermine Grassley/Durbin/Lee BIPARTISAN criminal justice reforms This bill deserves thoughtful consideration b4 my cmte. AGs execute laws CONGRESS WRITES THEM!”

Maybe Sessions should leave the Republicans who are attempting to do constructive, positive things alone and concentrate his efforts on the corrupt Democrats and RINOs working for him and the deep state in key positions, abusing their authority, instead. Many might call that actually doing the job he was appointed to do.

Grassley’s Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act is co-sponsored with most of the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, including several Democrats. The Daily Caller notes “It aims to cut mandatory minimum sentences to reduce prison time for non-violent repeat drug offenders and cut the three strikes rule, reducing overall prison population.”

The Sessions letter stated, “In recent years, convicted drug traffickers and other violent criminals have received significant sentencing breaks from the federal courts and the United States Sentencing Commission. Passing this legislation to further reduce sentences for drug traffickers in the midst of the worst drug crisis in our nation’s history would make it more difficult to achieve our goals and have potentially dire consequences.”

Ignoring the crimes of the Obama-Clinton-Soros Mafia are a much more serious threat that jeopardizes our entire system of government. Lock the open borders criminal Democrats up, let Trump build the wall and the drug problem will take care of itself. Instead, Sessions is leaving the criminals free to obstruct President Trump and perhaps, if they have their way, incarcerate him on false charges.

Grassley’s bill is scheduled for markup in the Judiciary Committee, where it has widespread support, on Thursday.

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