Grassley Feinstein Agree To Subpoena Comey For Answers In Lynch Clinton Collusion

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Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is once again surprising people with what is, at least what appears to be, objective decisions that lack the customary partisan bias that permeate every action taken by a Democrat. On Thursday she confirmed that she and her fellow Democrats will support subpoenaing James Comey to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Feinstein had earlier indicated an openness to speaking to Comey in an interview on Sunday’s “State of the Union” program.

She’s now made it official with a letter to Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, stating, “We unanimously believe that Director Comey should testify before our Committee regarding serious concerns that have been raised about political interference with FBI investigations and possible obstruction of justice. … Be assured my Democratic colleagues are supportive of issuing a subpoena should it become necessary.” The Judiciary Committee has oversight over the FBI.

Senators Feinstein and Grassley had previously invited Comey to testify before the Judiciary Committee but he refused, opting instead for an appearance before the Intelligence Committee. All that did was further add to the intensity of their determination to have him appear, as he revealed DOJ interference and obstruction on the part of former AG Lynch in insulating Hillary Clinton from prosecution.

Feinstein included in her letter a statement that she was “disappointed” with Comey’s decision not to appear and warned that if he refused to attend voluntarily, the committee was willing to compel him to do so through subpoena.

Perhaps in an effort to save face within her own party ranks or as an influence in her surprising conduct, Feinstein indicated she also wanted to hear from Attorney General Sessions prior to the 5 week August recess.

She indicated that, in addition to questions about Justice Department policy, she has “unanswered questions about the attorney general’s prior testimony before the Committee and his role in firing Director Comey.”

She also wants the Judiciary Committee or if appropriate members of their staff, to meet with several other officials, including  Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, former acting Attorney General Dana Boente, who replaced the fired Sally Yates, Mueller and Comey’s buddy and comrade in the coup against President Trump Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and “any others associated with the Department who have information relevant to this inquiry.”

In finishing off what seems like a substantial list of prospects in return for the testimony of one individual,  she added, “We should also have DNI Director Coats and NSA Director Rogers before the Judiciary Committee to follow up on whether the President asked either to influence the FBI’s ongoing investigations into Russian interference with the U.S. presidential election.”

Oh yeah, Russia, she’s still beating that up so the bias is still there to some degree. Let’s see what she’s got up her sleeve. It wouldn’t be surprising, given the cronyism surrounding the coup attempt and the key players, McCabe, Rosenstein, Comey and Mueller, if his testimony content weren’t already known to Democrats and just being rolled out in the customary theatrical, horse-trading manner at a time most beneficial; we’ll see.


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