Grassley Accuses Comey Of “Material Inconsistencies” In Testimony Regarding Spying On Trump

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There’s some new information on the farcical snipe hunt known as the Russian investigation, and what seems to be a very real effort on the part of FBI Director Comey and the Obama deep state to cover up what the previous administration has been doing.

This time the revelations are in regards to the deception of the man responsible for the supposed investigation, FBI Director Comey. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Senator Chuck Grassley, has written a letter to Comey regarding what he describes as “material inconsistencies” regarding the bureau’s ties to Christopher Steele. Usually that terminology means someone’s been caught in a lie.

Steele is the author of the phony Russia dossier, the one that John McCain supposedly felt was so critical to national security that he hand delivered it to Comey. After all, everybody knows how vital falsely accusing the president of having hookers urinate in a bed is to national security.

Catherine Herridge reports, “Ahead of this week’s highly anticipated public testimony, the Republican chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee sent this letter to FBI Director James Comey, accusing him of making inconsistent statements about the bureau’s relationship with former British Intelligence Officer Christopher Steele.”

Herridge continues, “Steele wrote the anti-Trump dossier and Steele says it contained unverified information. But it was still published by Buzzfeed and is now the subject of legal action. The FBI used the same Steele dossier to justify a surveillance warrant of a Trump adviser during the 2016 campaign. Senator Grassley and the ranking Democrat committee member Dianne Feinstein met with Comey for a closed classified briefing earlier this year and new documents provided by the Justice Department to the committee conflict with that briefing.”

“Grassley writes,” says Herridge, “‘There appear to be material inconsistencies between the description of the FBI’s relationship with Mr. Steele that you did provide in your briefing and information contained in Justice Department documents made available to the committee only after the briefing.”

Herridge notes that in a new seven-page declaration, Steele told a British court that large sections of that dossier were unverified and he said they were never meant to be pubic in any form.”

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  1. Not a problem. Comey is head of the FBI. At the FBI, everything is secret. It’s best for Comey to lie so he doesn’t reveal true secrets. Doesn’t everyone know that? Comey learned from Loretta Lynch. He’s really good at lying to protect the truth.

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