Graham Urges President Trump To Apologize For Doing Nothing Wrong, Again

lindsey graham


To call Senator Lindsey Graham a sorry sack would only run the risk of getting him aroused. It would be a combination of two of the things he admires most about other men, one of which is their apologies. Graham made an appearance with CFR establishment globalist Charlie Rose on his network’s AM dispensary of propaganda, CBS This Morning. He continued his tag team attack on President Trump that he’s been conducting with fellow RINO, Songbird John McCain, on behalf of the deep state establishment.

Sweet little Lindsey was running his mouth only hours before the information from Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes was partially revealed in a news conference. Nunes took heat for telling President Trump before he told his intelligence committee Democrat counterpart, Adam “Shifty” Schiff. The Dems were all bent out of shape at the “snub,” but then again, if he had told Schiff first and he passed the info on to the Democrats, who knows if Nunes would have lasted long enough to tell the President the truth. He could have been trying to get the story out to the press and the President to make himself a less inviting target.

Graham was attacking President Trump and belittling him in what was poorly disguised as an attempt to shame him into an apology. What difference does it make to Graham? He’s concerned about the President’s survival alright, concerned that he will. Graham has been attacking Trump at every turn and even appeared in an hour-long fake news town hall on CNN, all to make President Trump look bad. His claims don’t hold water, but the Democrats in the audience don’t know who he is, they’ll just listen and wonder if his rainbow pin fell out somewhere, believing he’s a typical Republican who finally saw the light.

The clip starts out with him showing his ignorance, stating that we live in a “constitutional democracy,” which is untrue and he knows that is untrue. He’s speaking to Democrats, they like it when you change the facts to suit them. He says “we live in a country where the rule of law does matter.” It didn’t matter for the last eight years, but now that the guy who he’s attacking as not being an adherent to the rule of law is in the White House as the law and order President the rule of law matters. You’re babbling again, Graham.

In Graham’s world he is so important that a failure to include him in things means those things don’t exist. Since President Trump didn’t yet show the evidence or inform Graham as to what it  is, the evidence doesn’t exist. Tell that to the survivors of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Graham. The White House denied the existence of the bomb for years while it was being developed.  It was very real to them.

Graham says, “And when you have the highest official in the land, the President of the United States, accusing his predecessor of illegal activity with no evidence that hurts our democracy.” There’s plenty of evidence of law breaking by Obama and Congress should have acted long ago. Save your preaching for the bathhouse converts, Graham.

Rose says, “And if he refuses to back down?” “I think he will suffer over time with the American people. The moron Graham quotes a movie by the famous line rather than by the title on national television. Maybe he should say he’s sorry he’s such an unprepared embarrassment to Republicans.

He admonishes President Trump saying, “Here’s what I would say to the President. It doesn’t mean you’re above having to say you’re sorry, to apologize if you did something wrong. I think most people in America would appreciate it if the President of the United States had the ability to say, ‘I made a mistake, I’m sorry.’  If you can’t do that then that’s going to hurt you over time with the American people.” And if you didn’t do anything wrong, Graham, but for other reasons, such as an ongoing investigation or to give those guilty enough rope to hang themselves, are you obligated to allow some sissy boy Senator to pressure you into apologizing when you’re right just to give them the pound of man flesh he’s so ravenous for?

Graham’s was trying to score points and diminish our President as he has been since the campaign first started. The second video below is from the campaign when Graham thought he’d gain some points by apologizing on behalf of then-candidate Trump for telling the truth about Islam. Graham’s one of the swamp creatures RINOs that needs to be made extinct.

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