Graham – Opponents Of War With Russia Political Hacks, Urges Trump Retaliation

lindsey graham


Lindsey Graham and John McCain just got back this week from their little Georgia rendezvous – the country, not the state, where they traveled by private jet to an “appropriate” setting for pressing their war effort against Russia. Now that they’ve sorted out which socks belong to which Senator and have made their way back to the Senate for opening week, the odd couple is making good on their threats.

It was just four months ago that Graham was pounding the table in efforts to elicit the attack response he sought from Defense Secretary Carter and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Joseph Dunford for stronger action against Assad and Russia. Graham no longer has the Syria argument for going to war with Russia so he and his special partner John McCain are making the most of the exaggerated election “hack” pretext. They’re clearly attempting to paint Mr. Trump into a corner, to force him into sanctions and a dangerous escalation of current tensions with Russia.

On Sunday’s Meet the Press, Graham took the next step in his and McCain’s establishment vendetta against Putin, the Russian people, America and Mr. Trump by announcing his intentions. He says, “Here’s what I think we should do as a nation. We should all, Republicans, Democrats condemn Russia for what they did. To my Republican friends who are gleeful, you’re making a huge mistake. When WikiLeaks released information during the Bush years about the Iraq war that was embarrassing to the administration, that put our troops at risk, most Democrats condemned it, some celebrated it.”

He continues, “Most Republicans are condemning what Russia did (allegedly) and to those who are gleeful about it, you’re a political hack. You’re not a Republican, you’re not a patriot. If this is not about us then I’ll never know what will be about us, because when one party is compromised all of us are compromised, and here’s what I’m going to do with Senator McCain.”

It seems he might be afraid WikiLeaks already has some photos or other evidence of what Graham’s been doing with McCain, maybe that’s what has him so agitated, but he moves on to his threats. Graham says, “We’re going to introduce sanctions that are bi-partisan, that go beyond the sanctions we have today against Russia, that will hit them in the financial sector and the energy sector, where they’re the weakest.”

Graham, who has been a vocal opponent and harshest of critics of Mr. Trump since he announced his intentions to run for president, delivers his ultimatum to the president elect, describing it as an “opportunity.” Graham declared, “We’re going to give President Trump an opportunity to make Russia pay a price for interfering in our elections so it will deter others in the future. I hope he will take advantage of it.”

Of course Mr. Trump’s natural response will be to push back against being told what to do by this little girlie man swamp creature, in addition to still not having any concrete evidence of influence upon the election. McCain and Graham have been trying to provoke a war with Russia for years, since long before the election cycle. There’s more here than he’s admitting to.

This is not about an election hack. Hopefully Mr. Trump will think it’s information we the people are entitled to see as well. Then Graham will be left with manipulative sissy boy egg on his face. At least we can hope it’s egg.

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