Gowdy – What’s Wrong With Intel Committee Chairman Briefing Commander-In-Chief?

trey gowdy


John Dickerson interviewed Rep Trey Gowdy (R-SC) on Sunday, starting off with a question regarding the House Intelligence Committee, of which he is a member. He asked if Chairman Devin Nunes has “shown you any of what caused him to suggest that Obama officials doing surveillance captured some Trump campaign associates and then unmasked them in the process of investigating?” Gowdy says he’s hasn’t had it shown to him, that he’s vaguely familiar with it, no more or less so than Adam Schiff.

Gowdy says, “I’ll just tell you this, Chairman Nunes briefed the Commander-in-Chief on matters unrelated to the Russia investigations, so if that’s a big deal in Washington then we’ve sunk to a new low.” Dickerson tries again, saying, “Well, I guess Congressman Schiff would say that the President is the one that’s a part of this investigation being done by the Committee so that the Chairman shouldn’t be talking to him.”

Gowdy replies, “Well then let me repeat what I said. The Chairman of House Intel briefed the Commander-in-Chief on something that has nothing to do with the Russia investigation. So if the Commander-in-Chief cannot be briefed by the Chairperson of the House Intel Committee on a matter that has nothing to do with the FBI investigation, then I don’t know what they can talk about, John. He’s the Commander-in-Chief.”

Dickerson moves on to the next Democrat goal, stripping the authority of Nunes, who is apparently getting too close to the truth for their comfort, and replacing it with a predetermined outcome commission modeled after the Warren or 9/11 Commissions – an elaborate cover up.

Dickerson asks, “So if this is an issue outside of the one that they’re investigating at the moment, in the committee and the one that you’re investigating, should it then be taken out of this investigation? Have a separate investigation on both what Chairman Nunes has discovered this week and then also one that you’re quite concerned about, which is the leaks that have been in the paper, some of them potentially illegal. Get that out of this question of Russia, to keep things from getting mixed the way they appear to have.”

Gowdy responds, “Well, they are separate and I heard my friend from California mention an independent commission, thank goodness we have one, it’s call the FBI. The FBI has counterintelligence jurisdiction and they have criminal jurisdiction. And what we learned on Monday and it’s about the only thing we learned on Monday, was that the FBI is investigating both.”

He says, “They are the world’s premier law enforcement agency, they are independent, you have women and men at the Department of Justice who have dedicated  their careers to the blind pursuit of justice, it doesn’t get any more independent than that. So we have an independent entity investigating counterintelligence and allegations of potential criminality, let Congress do its job, which is to provide oversight over the intelligence community.”

Dickerson asks as to the pace and results of the investigation into the masking component and being able to make a judgment as to the propriety of what took place. Gowdy says it’s just another reason to get Director Comey and Admiral Rogers back for hearings, this time behind closed doors on Tuesday, saying “it’s incredibly important.” He notes that Schiff is right that incidental collection of data does occur but says he wishes that those on the left would be “a little more outraged” about “the political use of that unmasking.” He also shares his frustration with the inherent shortcomings of attempting to conduct serious and discrete inquiries in a public setting.

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