Gowdy Twists Schiff’s Snarky Comments Back Into A Criticism Of Himself, Dems

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While discussing the upcoming witnesses in the Russia, Russia, Russia investigation, Rep Trey Gowdy, who is a member of the House Intelligence Committee is asked about comments made by the Democrat who hijacked that committee, Rep Adam Schiff (D-CA).

Schiff, who has conducted himself as the investigative panel chairman since his George Soros funded allies filed ethics complaints against Rep Devin Nunes, had some snarky comments about Mr. Gowdy. He doesn’t like it when anyone introduces objectivity into his witch hunt.

CNN’s Erin Burnett quotes the congressional bobble-head Schiff, saying, “Mr. Gowdy took the role as a  second attorney for Mr. Kushner.” Schiff had intended to beat Kushner up with a series of inane questions in hopes of somehow tripping him into making a mistake that could then be distorted, misquoted or otherwise manipulated into something of value to the snipe hunt. Apparently there were times when Rep Gowdy intervened and Shifty didn’t appreciate it.

Burnett asks, “What’s your response to Congressman Schiff?” Gowdy replies, “Not much, if any. I was in there for three hours. Mr. Kushner has a very good lawyer named Abbe Lowell.  I was a very mediocre lawyer, although I did it for sixteen years. He can do much better than me.

“What I was tired of, Erin,” says Gowdy,  “was the Democrats asking non-relevant questions. Jared Kushner answered all of their questions, he stayed an hour longer than he was supposed to. In fact, he stayed an hour longer than Dan Coats, who’s the head of the intelligence community.”

Gowdy says, “The Democrats ran out of good questions but they didn’t run out of questions. So I think that’s Adam’s frustration, that Jared Kushner did not tell him what he wanted to hear from a political ambition standpoint.”

He adds, “This investigation has been very good for the Adam Schiff for Senate campaign, but yesterday was not good for him.”  Gowdy once vouched for the bobble-head’s character in stating to Martha MacCallum that he was certain Schiff was too professional to be the source of leaks from the intelligence committee. There’s nothing professional about the conduct Gowdy just described.

Maybe he’ll rethink his opinion of the political hit man, Schiff. Many think he’s the most likely source of leaks and any other kind of dirty tricks, such as eliminating Nunes, that compliment his personal and party vendetta against the Trump administration. The same ambitions are in play there as Gowdy noted in a power mad political tool’s potential run for the Senate.

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