Gowdy – Sessions Must Cough Up Dossier Docs, Comey Back To Graham’s Hot Seat

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Both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees as well as House and Senate Intel Committees are looking into the “possible” criminal activity and odd behavior and decision making processes involving former and current government officials, particularly within the corrupt Obama regime.

Rep Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is a member of both the House Judiciary and Intel Committees as well as the Oversight and Reform Committee and involved in investigating the use of the discredited Trump Russia dossier in the subsequent Russia, Russia, Russia witch hunt and how that came about.

Gowdy says one thing they want to know about the dossier is “Was it used to initiate either a law enforcement or counter intelligence investigation? Was that the evidentiary basis that the bureau used to launch either a criminal probe or a counter intelligence probe.”

He says, “And it’s fine if it were or it weren’t, as long as you let me know how you vetted the information in the dossier. So I need the Bureau and DOJ to say either we relied upon it or we did not rely upon it and if we did rely upon it, this is how we vetted the information before we used it.”

MacCallum stresses the importance of the generation of the document as well, who had commissioned its creation, who was asking for the dossier. Gowdy acknowledges the importance of who commission it, but what’s more important to him is whether or not the underlying data was accurate.

“And the only way to know whether it’s accurate is for the bureau to investigate the sources and the sub-sources. And then I would think everyone would want to know, did our premier law enforcement agency, the FBI, rely on this document to initiate a criminal probe or in court filings in representations before a court?”

“That is an eminently legitimate question and I really don’t know why it’s taken the Department this long to answer.” Gowdy doesn’t believe the dossier issue has made it up to AG Sessions yet but believes it will be there shortly, as “Next week is coming and that’s when House Intel Committee wants either, what we want are the documents, we don’t want the drama.”

He notes, “But if you’re not going to produce the documents, you need to come in person and explain to us why the entity that created the FBI is not entitled to provide oversight over the FBI.”

MacCallum asks him about the insistence by Senator Lindsey Graham that James Comey come back to for more testimony. Gowdy puts it delicately, saying, “There is a basis for which to question Director Comey on whether or not he reached a conclusion with respect to Hillary Clinton before he interviewed all of the witnesses.”

He points out, “There is more than an evidentiary basis that he reached the conclusion before he interviewed her. So it is, again, not illegitimate to ask a law enforcement officer, ‘Did you make your mind up before the end of the investigation.”

“If you are ever in a court room, the one thing the judge will tell the jury, you cannot make up your mind until the last witness has testified. And the reason for that is the last witness may tell you all the information you need to know. So how you can reach a conclusion before you’ve interviewed all of the witnesses is befuddling and if that were done, or if it weren’t done Comey deserves a chance to explain it.  But Senator Graham deserves a chance to ask the question.”


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  1. I love Trey Gowdy, ‘cuz he really knows how to push at these traitors. But the only answers he comes up with are “I refuse to answer on advice of counsel” and “I plead the Fifth”. So he learns they’re all liars, and that’s not enough to hang them. We’re really going to have to start a tiny little bit of torture. Something that hurts them more than the truth.


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