Gowdy Endorsing Trump Nemesis Mueller, His Clinton Legal Team – A Huge Red Flag

trey gowdy

We can look past the seemingly contrived “aw shucks, yes ma’am” shtick of Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC), his failure to interview many of the witnesses at Benghazi who were secreted away by Hussein Obama or produce any meaningful results, his letting Hillary Clinton control her hearing appearance to the point she celebrated with champagne afterwards, or his endorsement of globalist puppet and open borders advocate Marco Rubio for President. Not everybody can be expected to have the foresight to see past the establishment safety net and recognize that Donald Trump actually had a chance to win and was the only candidate that represented the American people. Many made that same error in judgment.

There’s one error that he’s in the process of making now that it truly troubling. He’s backing and attempting to salvage Robert Mueller in the position of Special Prosecutor, an endorsement that is an assault on President Trump and those of us who support and helped to get him elected. Effectively Gowdy has aligned himself with the Democrats and once again with the swamp establishment.

Gowdy (R-SC), the new chairman of the House Oversight Committee, told the Wall Street Journal he still has faith in special counsel Robert Mueller, putting this supposed by the book, law and order Congressman at odds with statutory prohibition on a personal relationship with significant witnesses, his protégé James Comey,  and the dubious conditions under which Mueller came to the position. Why does he allow himself to look the other way to a statutory violation in this critical matter?

He’s also ignoring the fact that Mueller oversaw the complete sanitizing of FBI training materials, scrubbing any reference to the role Islam plays in terrorism, removing all references in the months after 9/11. He put a review board of CAIR sympathizers in charge of the project to make certain nothing accurate slipped through.

Gowdy’s friend and colleague, Congressman Jim Jordan, has serious reservations about Mueller resulting from a hearing in which he questioned him on the main news story of the day, the IRS targeting of conservative groups. Jordan was surprised and alarmed to find out that Mueller couldn’t or wouldn’t answer even the most basic questions and seemed to be totally ignorant as to the FBI’s involvement as the Director.

Gowdy said, “I do have confidence in [Mueller]. I have confidence in the women and men he has assembled on this team,” calling Mueller “your quintessential straight arrow.” Either Gowdy is talking like he knows his subject when he doesn’t or he’s not the straight arrow he’s made himself out to be. That team that Mueller has assembled is 13 Democrat and Clinton donors and operatives, one that worked for the Clinton Foundation in fighting FOIA requests.

If Gowdy were a Democrat or is a RINO, then he’s got good reason to have confidence that the team will target the President in a manner consistent with his objectives. If he’s a true Republican that supports the Republican President, seemingly a bigger “if” by the day as Gowdy’s career advances, he’d be against the Special Counsel altogether and Mueller most especially.

It looks like the Congressman might be trying to sell us a pig in a poke with Mueller, “Rodentstein” Rosenstein and “Honest James” Comey, whom he endorsed on Fox News recently. The way to advance in Washington Swamp is to play ball with the establishment. Gowdy’s risen meteorically through the ranks and now heads the oversight committee.

He’s accomplished a lot for it to be solely on the strength of his debating, questioning and “Yes Ma’am” skills alone. Gowdy’s a politician, and it seems he’s playing politics with his endorsements; something that cheapens and diminishes him but may shine some light on who he is as well. We’ll be vigilant. It’s always a good idea to keep both eyes open when dealing with any of swamp occupants.


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