Gowdy Asks Comey To Pledge Investigation Of NYT, WP Leaks – Nope, But It’s “Serious”

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Congressman Trey Gowdy questioned FBI Director Comey in Monday’s hearings, attempting to elicit a pledge that the leaked information which appeared in the leftist establishment publications, the New York Times and Washington Post, would not go uninvestigated and theoretically unpunished.

Comey hid behind his familiar cover of integrity, something that Gowdy later notes in a less overt manner, is easily turned off and on at other times, dependent upon the situation and who benefits. He asks Comey if he’s aware of any carve-outs for media types to be able to disseminate classified information without legal consequences. He says there’s no carve-out that he’s aware of but that to his knowledge nobody has been prosecuted in his lifetime. Gowdy mentions that the Logan act has also never been prosecuted but that doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of discussion from time to time.

Comey testifies that the only way a reporter would know about the existence of intercepted phone calls would be if they were declassified and revealed in an official setting such as a hearing or if they had been given to them by someone who wasn’t supposed to. The leaking of classified information, a felony.  

He attempts to elicit the number of people who would have the ability  to unmask the identity of an American caught in surveillance of a foreign national. While the number at the NSA with that ability is approximately 20, according to testimony, the number at the FBI is much larger. Comey declined to speak for the CIA. The number is clearly a large one and tracking down the violators committing the felonious acts will be difficult, by design and aided by executive order modification by the Obama regime.

 Comey emphasizes the culture behind the “protection” or lack thereof is important, although clearly his “just trust us” system has failed somewhere along the line because the information regarding General Flynn was provided to the mainstream propagandists.

Gowdy notes that some of the words in the leaks have “a very unique use,” such as “transcript,” and “wiretap.” He also raises the issue that only a month and a half has passed since the instances he’s discussing occurred. This is an ongoing problem that has not been corrected.

Gowdy asks Comey if he can assure the American people that the leak offenses are going to be investigated. He claims not to be able to confirm that he would investigate that type of crime because he doesn’t want to confirm “it.” He does add that they take an unauthorized disclosure of FISA very seriously, because of the trust factor that is involved in his agency’s relationship with the courts.

Okay, Jim, you’ll look into it when it impacts the reputation of the FBI, just as you expressed that as the reason you asked the DOJ to deny you were investigating the Trump wiretapping claims. It’s important when your agency doesn’t look good. Otherwise, you’re “integrity” prevents comment. Got it.

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