Gov Kasich Invites All Illegals, Refugees, Immigrants – Come LIVE In Ohio

john kasich

Open borders John Kasich did his best to sabotage President Trump throughout the campaign and especially during the final stretch to the election.

His position and criticism of President Trump’s somewhat tepid opposition to the illegal Obama dictate continues with his basic never-Trump trend. For those who think the ignoring of the rule of law that Kasich and other globalists have become enamored with, he reminds us “This is the United States of America. Maybe he’s trying to remind himself as well.

Kasich continued, “And we’re putting kids, young people, [some now approaching 40] who are contributors in jeopardy.” They’re in jeopardy of the law being enforced as it should have been had Obama not been a dictatorial communist tyrant, and having their jobs turned over to the Americans who deserve to work in their own country.

He says, “This is not the America that we all love,” which, to the degree that Obama destroyed it and is in the rebuilding process and he is endorsing the continuation of that destruction, is true.

Kasich calls the United States a melding pot, but the assimilation that would be consistent with that type of description is not taking place among many who view this is as a new frontier that their race and nation are conquering.

He says, “And by the way, if the ‘DREAMers’ want to go somewhere (other than the nation in which they belong), and live, come to Ohio. We want all the immigrants to come to Ohio because we know how much they contribute to America.”

Surely Kasich hasn’t polled those Ohioans who are looking for work or anyone who has depressed wages in his state. He probably hasn’t polled anyone else for that matter prior to making his asinine statement.

Maybe he should set up a benefits and job fair first, hand out EBT cards and applications while firing a few thousand Americans from their jobs so that employers can take advantage of the new cut rate labor pool. Then the citizens of Ohio he’s so sure “love illegal invaders” can support not only the illegals but their displaced fellow Americans out of work because of them and their pandering governor, the economic genius. 

We must assume he’s laying out the welcome mat to Islamic and other refugees as well, as they meet the definition of an immigrant as much, if not more than an illegal alien squatter. Ohio could become the dumping ground for all of America’s tax burdens and employment troubles. That would be great, thank you Governor, for coming up with such a brilliant, noble and selfless solution for the other 49 states. Enjoy your last few days in office.

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