Gov Brown Plotting Climate Austerity Death For CA, Opposing Trump Freedom

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Nobody ever accused California Governor Jerry Brown of acting in the best interest of the people of his state, at least, nobody who wasn’t also an agenda-driven anti-American ideologue. Now Brown is up to his old suicidal tricks, though, unfortunately not on a personal level. He’s content just to continue poisoning the State of California.

It’s no secret that Governor Brown lacks good judgment of his own and he’s surrounded himself with enough other mental patient candidates that he may be able to finish out the two years left of his term in complete denial of the reality of the last election.

Not only is he going to subject California to legal expenses and potential sanctions in order to continue to violate federal immigration laws that he and his fellow scofflaws don’t approve of, he’s considering enforcing a separate green austerity program for California. He’ll replace the idiocy that Mr. Trump is eliminating at the federal level with more state level regulations.

The economic disaster of failing to store water in preparation for inevitable droughts in the interest of preserving a bait fish and the associated catastrophic damage the state’s agricultural industry is not enough for the loons of the state to drive this curse from their Governor’s mansion. They need more devastation, and Brown is set to deliver.

According to the frequent fake news fabricators at the New York Times, Gov. Brown and his ilk in the state legislature plan to work directly with other nations and states to continue the draconian Obama climate mandates on a state level, including state mandates to reduce carbon emissions to 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030, just fourteen years away. It was suicidal when all fifty states were obligated, it’s insanity on their own.

In an interview Brown said, “California can make a significant contribution to advancing the cause of dealing with climate change, irrespective of what goes on in Washington. I wouldn’t underestimate California’s resolve if everything moves in this extreme climate denial direction. Yes, we will take action.”

Are you listening, Nevada, Oregon and Arizona? That’s the sound of businesses packing up and moving to your states. The Trump administration could bypass Brown in some regards, and retaliate by distributing research dollars elsewhere or in the case of the fabricated garbage they’ve produced at two national laboratories on “climate change,” simply quit throwing the money away altogether. They could also effectively nullify state regulations on emissions and fuel standards.

The whining has already started, “If the other states pursue no-climate-change policies, and we continue to go it on our own with our climate change policies, then we would be at a competitive disadvantage for either relocating companies or growing companies here, particularly manufacturing factories,” said Rob Lapsley, the president of the California Business Roundtable.

Bingo, Einstein, the crap you were attempting to saddle everyone else with would be yours to bear alone and you won’t even be able to hold onto much of the industry that you already have. California would bear the consequences that they had previously been saddling the rest of us with under the dictates of Obama. We’re not your human climate shields any longer, take the heat of your self-destructive idiocy on your own, Sacramento.

Kevin de Leon, the leader of the State Senate who apparently represents a district without businesses or taxpaying citizens, vowed to ignore the fiscal realities. He said, “California more than ever is strongly committed to moving forward on our climate leadership. We will not deviate from our leadership because of one election.”

 Adrienne Alvord, the western states director for the Union of Concerned Scientists and clearly one who derives her livelihood by perpetuating the climate hoax, said, “This is not something that’s going to be fueled by dislike of Donald Trump. This will be fueled by people liking these policies and wanting to see them continue. Our leadership and the people of California support the science.” If they supported the science she’d have been out of a job long ago. They support the hype that she creates, that’s a huge difference.

Attempting to blame others for the impact of their dogged foolishness under the climate suicide pact these ideologues have bought into, Mr. de Leon warned, “If the president-elect and his administration work to undermine our climate leadership, they will hurt our economy. They will kill jobs. And ultimately, they will hurt the economy of the United States. We are 13 percent of the overall G.D.P.” They won’t kill jobs, they’re creating jobs, in a place that appreciates them, a state other than California, run by realists, not Democrats.

Their attempts to pilfer the people are starting to be exposed as well. Anthony Rendon, the speaker of the Assembly said, “Our system works better — our cap-and-trade system and other ways of addressing climate change — if we have more company. The more company we have, the better.” The more they feed parasitically off of others the more profits they make, but just because they have devises a plan for extorting a buck off of the poor working stiff doesn’t make it a good thing.

“We’ve got the lawyers and we’ve got the scientists and are ready to fight,” Mr. Brown declared in a speech in San Francisco earlier this month to the American Geophysical Union. “We’re ready to win.”

The people are ready for a little winning of our own. Jesuit Jerry Brown can take his climate religion and stuff it. This is a fight we’re going to push right back into that over inflated ego of his, in the interest of the survival of the United States. You can move to the Antarctic, Brown. Watch it warm with a penguin.

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