Gorka – Supporting Trump Means Opposing McConnell Swamp Rat He Endorsed

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It’s hard to imagine that Bret Baier, who has his own news program on Fox, doesn’t understand the difference between the typical Russian political mischief, the same kind that the CIA are experts at conducting, and the Russia, Russia, Russia Democrat witch hunt.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka explained the distinction to Baier who seemed to genuinely not understand the situation. Gorka describes being told by President Trump in the Oval Office that they will not find any [Russian] connection to me because there isn’t any.”

Gorka says, “That’s just hyperbole. That’s Clinton – Podesta, the left-wing media, unable to digest that fact that they lost the election when the New York Times said Hillary was a shoo-in at 92% on the day of the election.” He says, “There’s the other issue of decades and decades and decades of Russian activities in democracies like America’s.”

He urges, “Let’s separate the political fluff, the hysteria, from true intelligence work, which is what the DHS is talking about today.”

Baier asks another seemingly simplistic question of his guest, but one in which Gorka can provide some useful insight. Baier asked, “President Trump is endorsing Luther Strange. You have always supported President Trump. Why are you not supporting him here?”  Gorka explains, “I’m supporting his agenda. This isn’t about who the President has endorsed, with great pressure, from Mitch McConnell.”

Gorka injects a side note, saying, “Let’s be accurate about what happened tonight. I was told Steve Law, who runs Mitch McConnell’s PAC for this race, actually accepted to come on your show. When he heard I was coming on he got a yellow belly and just ran. So that tells you the establishment is afraid of the President’s agenda winning in Alabama on Tuesday.”

Without denying that what Gorka stated was accurate, Baier asks, “You’re separating the President from the President’s agenda. How is that the same sentence – isn’t the President in charge of his agenda?” The unfortunate reality is that he isn’t, the united establishment has had some success at their goal of obstructing President Trump.

Gorka replies, “We left the building, the White House, the Oval, Steve [Bannon] and myself, because people who had nothing to do with the make America great again agenda were outnumbering us, their voices were becoming louder.”

“That’s a temporary state of affairs,” says Gorka. He then admits that President Trump has been engaged in a battle within the White House, saying, “The president has gone with the forces of the establishment on this one candidate. But guess what happens when Judge Moore wins on Tuesday?”

Gorka says, “It will strengthen the President because now he’ll be able to go to the establishment GOP, to the swamp dwellers and say, ‘Hey guys, we are back on my agenda. This wasn’t worth it.’ So the President is going to stay, he’s going to return to the Make America Great Again agenda. We just have to help him and we’re going to do it from the outside by endorsing people like Judge Moore.”

He is able to get one more jab in at the money wasted by GOP swamp dweller Mitch McConnell before the interview ends. A loss on Tuesday for Strange will clearly be a victory for President Trump as well and equally, a bloody defeat for Mitch McConnell. Hopefully one that results in his being removed as Majority Leader.


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6 Comments on Gorka – Supporting Trump Means Opposing McConnell Swamp Rat He Endorsed

  1. I’m not so sure that Trump and the campaign agenda are on the same path. The repeal and replace, which is no repeal, is another massive subsidy which has the ACA still in place. The ACA will still control the what can and cannot be done with insurance, and will allow single payer for those states who want it. When a state goes bankrupt, who will bail them out …. we, the tax payer will. Trump says we wants it and wants to pass it.

    “But we have to do something” is like stopping a fire squad so we can be hanged.

  2. I’m praying for Judge Moore. Wish I could vote for him. Go, Alabama!!

  3. Dr. Gorka should have been Chief of Staff! He is a very Intelligent Man & knows what he’s talking about, & That’s why he wasn’t wanted in the WH!! He scared the hell out of the RINOs in there… Love Dr.Gorka!

  4. frances quinn // September 23, 2017 at 1:53 pm // Reply

    i ABSOLUTELY AGREE…i am supporting Judge Roy Moore for the same reasons….he will support Trump’s agenda way before Luther Strange will….Strange is McConnell’s man and will do what McConnell wants not what Trump is calling for. When Moore wins it will not be hit to Trump but to McConnell and all of us who support Trump will hopefully be voting for Judge Roy Moore. I feel there is pressure from McConnell on Trump to endorse Strange.

  5. Gorka is cool. I hope he’s right.

  6. Gorka is right if Roy Moore wins Alabama! I hope to see that because we need an honest man in the Senate and I cannot think of a better one than Roy Moore.

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