Gorka Reaffirms – Trump Not An Interventionist Neocon President – He’s Not George Bush

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The interview with Dr. Sebastian Gorka begins at the 1:00 mark in the video, with Maria Bartiromo noting that President Trump told her earlier in an interview that the US is sending an armada toward the Korean Peninsula. She asks, “What is the goal?” Gorka replies, “The goal is to reassert American leadership around the world and to reassure our allies, our partners, and our friends that America is back.”

He continued, “We are jettisoning this idea of leading from behind, which itself is an oxymoron, and a principle of the Obama administration’s national security strategy, which was so-called “strategic patience. That means doing nothing and creating vacuums around the world, whether it’s in Europe, whether it’s in the Middle East or whether it’s in Asia, vacuums that bad people will exploit. That era is gone and the President is showing leadership.”

She asks what “role the US played in the missile failure in North Korea overnight, because apparently there is some talk that the US could have done something, gone on offense with a cyber attack to cause the North Korean missile to blow up – true?”

Gorka responds, saying, “This is not the Obama White House, we don’t give our play book away. That is very bad strategy. But we have an incredible team…but we’re just not going to tell people what we do. So people need to draw their conclusions, but understand, the use of the MOAB, the use of the cruise missiles, these things send a clear message. But we’re not going to comment whether or not we were involved in anything happening in North Korea. That’s not good strategy, I’m sorry.”

Gorka has a message he says he wants to get out because “there’s been a lot of misreporting on this.” There’s surely been a lot of concern but that doesn’t mean it’s to be attributed to misreporting anymore than underreporting or no reporting but rather people expressing their concerns of what seemed an uncharacteristic deviation from the promises of the campaign. Some reassurance would certainly be welcome.

He says, “The President is not an interventionist Commander-in-Chief. Nothing has changed from November the 7th to today. He’s been explicit, we’re not invading other people’s countries, we’re not occupying them. This isn’t some neoconservative Bush era administration. Nevertheless, we have obligations to our friends in that region, and on top of that, things like weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons in the hands of rogue regimes, chemical weapons, those will not be countenanced because they are a threat to Americans as well. And that’s why you’re seeing the leadership coming out of the White House that you’re seeing.”

Gorka also explains how the dropping of the MOAB helped in the fight against ISIS by killing a lot of them but also by diminishing their stature and demonstrating our ability to hit and eliminate cave bunker type structures, sending a message to others about what they might be attempting to similarly hide away.

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2 Comments on Gorka Reaffirms – Trump Not An Interventionist Neocon President – He’s Not George Bush

  1. I guess I’m a little slow on the uptake. Trump has reversed himself on interventionist policies. I’m pretty sure he had foreign policy advisors and “neocons” advising him during the campaign. He made it clear that, at least where Syria was involved, we stay out of it. No useless wars/intervention, no nation building, no regime changes.

    Either they lied, Trump lied, or he is now being taken over by the neocon/establishment critters.

    It appears that say one thing when campaigning, do another when elected, is still the way of the politician.

    • Rick Wells // April 18, 2017 at 2:03 am // Reply

      In the swamp, a reversal of a reversal equals no change – the neocons, like democrats, will adapt and carry on.

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