Gorka – Obama Russia DNC Sanctions Made White House A Laughing Stock

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Dr. Sebastian Gorka starts off the interview with a disclaimer of sorts, stating, “Look, I don’t like to praise a former KGB Colonel on the most popular cable channel in America, but it  was a master stroke. I mean really, he played the game, as the ambassador said, very, very smoothly, with Lavrov. And then, with tweets coming out of the Russian embassy in London, with photographs of a duckling as a lame duck Obama.”

“He’s basically said to the world, says Gorka, “‘president’ Obama, you are completely irrelevant and the truth is, he is. This is a new age after November the 8th. The idea that he plays golf for eight years and now he decides to do something about Russia, it’s incredible. It’s truly incredible. Why now, after the invasion of Ukraine, this is when he waits to do something because of an alleged hack of the DNC? He’s made a laughing stock out of the White House.”

Gorka’s asked for his recommendation of action for Mr. Trump, once he takes office. He says, “We have to be very cautious. I think the approach that President-elect Trump has taken is the correct one. ‘Let me see all of the evidence and once I am actually installed as the commander-in-chief, I can take measures.”

Gorka says, “I’ve read the unclassified, there’s a joint FBI DHS report on the cyber-attack, which is called Grizzly Steppe, I read it today, it is incredibly specific.” It appears that Dr. Gorka has a rather liberal definition of specificity if he considers that report to be substantive. He correctly notes that the report identifies two different cyber hackers.” He then goes on to admit that apart from naming two supposed perpetrators without supply proof, there’s nothing there. He notes that what they did and what information was taken out is not included in the report. He also fails to make mention of the huge joint disclaimer in the header which basically labels it as a product for informational purposes only that they do not stand behind.

There is nothing of any substance beyond the initial accusations of the Clinton camp, one of the most notorious liars in American history. Only a fool would take their assertions at face value and Dr. Gorka does not fit the profile of a fool. He expects a measured response if appropriate once the information is made available to the new president and he takes over.

Gorka says he’s been trying to find an explanation for why Obama “is doing these incredibly dangerous and impetuous things in the last three weeks. He believes once again that John Bolton is correct, that the left thought they were going to win and now they realize that their next 8 years of continuing to socially engineer America and undermine our reputation around the world, that’s not going to happen.”

“There’s going to be a new sheriff in town called Donald Trump and as a result they’ve got three weeks left to cram it all in, whether it’s attacking Israel whether it’s anything else, and that’s why we have to be very, very vigilant – what else can we expect from the White House in the next 21 days.

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