Gorka – Everything’s Changed, Everybody Knows Grownups Back In Charge

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Dr. Sebastian Gorka joins Sean Hannity, who notes that President Trump included in his inauguration speech not only the words “radical Islamic terrorism,” but a pledge to wipe it from the face of the earth. Hannity asks how that message is being received.

Gorka says, “Everything’s changed. When he used those three words today, radical Islamic terrorism, he put the marker down for the whole national security establishment.” Gorka says “Everybody heard it, in intelligence community, in law enforcement, and most important of all, our allies and our enemies heard it. No more political correctness. We’re not going to obfuscate, we’re not going to rename it.”

He says,” The guys inside the machine that I’ve had the honor of working with, the operators, who have just been shackled, who have been manacled now realize, ‘Okay, now we can go to war because we can be truthful about who the enemy is. The people, especially at the top, the Brennans of the world, the people just below that who have  been the bag carriers for the administration, they are on notice. No more propaganda, no more twisting the truth. So for both audiences the new Commander-in-Chief made it unequivocal, Sean.”

Hannity notes there were several times when he heard references to Obama’s open door to terrorism and the long list of problems that are the Obama legacy that he thought that’s got to sting, to be sitting through that. He says he can’t think of a place on the earth that’s better off, going down the list that is better off today than it was before Obama inserted himself.

Reverend Darrell Scott has a few words about the optimism he sees in the country since the arrival of Trump and now especially that he’s the President. He says “We get up every morning wondering what’s Donald Trump gonna do today, what’s President Trump going to say today, we went straight to Twitter, I wonder what he tweeted. And you know, that’s an attitude of excitement, expectation and enthusiasm that’s permeating America. Even his detractors,” says Scott, “they don’t want to admit it but even his detractors get up every day wondering what is he going to say, what is he going to do and it’s a good feeling.”

They note that he will likely be tested on the national security front fairly soon but that he’s got the best team possible assisting him, what Gorka labels as the grownups, the adults, the all-stars, agreeing with Scott that the odds of a challenge are less with a pool of alpha males in charge than the collection of misfits that held those positions a day ago, asking, “You don’t challenge John Wayne, do you?”

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