Sebastian Gorka understands why John Brennan is so loudly attacking President Trump – the end is near and he, Obama, and their partners in crime face prison time…

gorka john brennan

The segment begins with John Brennan attacking President Trump, saying in an interview on MSNBC, “I think Mr. Trump has demonstrated a paranoia, an insecurity, as well as a real concern about the investigation that is underway.” It is Brennan, with his venomous public crusade against the President, who fits that description best, a point that Sebastian Gorka makes in the interview.

Gorka says Brennan will likely continue speaking out “until he’s probably charged with being at the center of Spygate,” noting, “This is a man who’s done something no other former CIA Director has ever done. Nobody has attacked a sitting President in the way John Brennan does, in a way that undermines the integrity of the current government.”

“He’s actually feeding in to Russian propaganda,” says Gorka, “and supporting people like Vladimir Putin with what he states.” He says that shouldn’t surprise anyone, given the fact that Brennan has actually admitted “at the height of the cold war in 1976, he voted for Gus Hall, the Communist Party candidate for American President.”

He points out, “That, when the Soviet Union was trying to destroy America. This man has a track record which clearly is unpatriotic and un-American.” He describes Brennan as a political hack, invoking Shakespeare stating “The lady doth protest too much, he is making so much noise because he knows that he is at the center of Spygate.”

He explains, “Remember that Australian Ambassador?  You remember how it all began, how they sent operatives overseas to talk to him. That only happens with John Brennan’s approval. So the whole dossier leads back to John Brennan and that’s why he’s being so loud now.” Stating the basis for Brennan’s concerns, Gorka says, “We now know that this was an interagency operation. It included the CIA, the FBI, DNI Clapper is trying to cover but he’s perjuring himself as well.”

“But at the center of all of this,” Gorka says, “is John Brennan and that’s why he’s being so loud now. And John Brennan doesn’t launch a political attack using the intelligence community against Donald Trump without ‘president’ Obama’s approval. So this is why the man is unhinged.”

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