The entire Obama regime was involved in the Trump spy operation,under Obama direction from the White House and with John Kerry using the State Dept for int’l…

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Sean Hannity begins a wide-ranging segment by playing asking what happened to Trey Gowdy following his endorsement of the FBI spying on President Trump. He plays of clip from the Mark Levin radio show that made some key points, noting that Gowdy has determined there was nothing wrong with the FBI planting an informant [agent provocateur] inside the Trump campaign.

Except this guy, Stephan Halper, did more than inform, as Gowdy knows, to the point of creating a narrative and an illegitimate basis for an investigation that they would later exploit for political purposes.   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

Levin closely paraphrases Gowdy as saying the FBI did exactly what they are supposed to do and the American people agree, because Gowdy says they agree and “nobody speaks for the American people like Trey Gowdy. “Levin asks, “Did they have an informant, aka spy, inside the DNC, or the Jill Stein, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders campaigns?

Hannity turns to his guests to build on that foundation, first going to Dan Bongino, who answers the Levin question, saying, “There weren’t spies in other campaigns, Sean, because they were spying on Trump. They weren’t spying on the Russians. I don’t know if Trey Gowdy wafted  a little of that swamp air up his nose or something.”

Hannity and Bongino both note that Gowdy never saw the documents he and Devin Nunes were in the meeting to see and still hasn’t. Bongino says, “He never saw the documents but he made a comment so irresponsible and reprehensible, Sean, he said, ‘Americans should be confident the FBI worked the case as they should have.'”

“Really? Then why’d they hide the case from Congressional oversight?” asks Bongino. “They hid it for eight months when they were supposed to brief them quarterly, while they simultaneously leaked the existence of the case to the New York Times and then leaked later the conversation about Mike Flynn to the Washington Post. That’s the FBI way? No, it’s not.”

Dr Sebastian Gorka says whatever the spy is called is irrelevant. Clinton had to win no matter what the cost and she didn’t. He says, “We need to know one answer to one question. Why was the operation started? We still don’t know.”

Hannity moves on to Gregg Jarrett, noting that John Solomon is now reporting that “FBI documents bring it right to the Obama administration and I’ve seen more than I can say.” Jarrett responds, “Peter Strzok sent a text message to his mistress, Lisa Page, on August 5th. He had just signed the documents opening the Trump Russia collusion case. And in that text he says, ‘The White House is running this.’ The chronology of events tells you what happened.

Jarrett says Obama was running the entire operation, that he was being kept abreast of developments by John Brennan, the instigator of the phony dossier. Hannity points out another accidental reveal by the New York Times implicates John Kerry and Hussein Obama in all of this corruption by virtue of the fact that the interview of the Australian, Downer, who made the claims about Papadopoulos, had to be negotiated by the State Department.

Gorka has the last word, saying, “The suspect number one is John Brennan. And he wouldn’t have moved a muscle unless Obama knew as well.”

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