Gorka – Americans Approve Of Trump Travel Ban 3:1 – Lying Media Hides Truth

sebatian gorka


Dr. Sebastian Gorka will be joining the Trump administration soon, probably as a member of the National Security Council but before he does he stopped by the Sean Hannity program to discuss the need for extreme vetting.

After naming off a list of attacks on American interests by terrorists which Hannity characterized as them being at war with us and us not being similarly at war with them, he asks, “What’s wrong with a little inconvenience to protect the American people?”

Gorka replies, “Absolutely nothing, Sean. The President was elected to protect this nation, whether it’s the wall or whether it’s extreme vetting. The average American that represents the backbone of our great nation elected him to be the Commander-in-Chief to do primarily his first duty, to protect them and to win this war. The idea that we allow anybody into this country is an act of political suicide.”

“Every nation,” he says, “if the word ‘nation’ is to have any meaning, every nation has a right to decide who comes into our country. And if there is a question of whether or not you wish to respect the US Constitution or you wish to harm the Americans that are already here, you will be dealt with as a national security threat.”

The do the math on the number of people entering on Saturday from foreign nations, 325,000 with 109 or so inconvenienced. Hannity expresses his view that having some visitors inconvenienced is preferable to having Americans dead. Hannity shows statistics that indicate that by an almost three to one  ratio, 66% to 24%, Americans are in favor of a halt to Middle East “refugees” entering the United States.

He asks “What does that tell us about the media and how corrupt they are and dishonest they are with the American people in their coverage this weekend? Gorka describes them as the “chattering classes,” the “famous Ben Rhodes echo box, they just talk to each other. It’s all about ideology and it’s not about national security.”

Gorka says, “Let’s talk about real fake news, Sean. If this were about a religion, if this were about a Muslim ban, then how come the largest Muslim nation on the planet, Indonesia, isn’t listed? How is it that the largest Arab nation, Egypt, is not mentioned. This is where facts, facts are optional to the liberal media, Sean. They are absolutely optional.

They also take a moment to discuss the traitorous rodent leading the minority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer.

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