GOP Coward Sanford Blames Trump For Left’s Aggression, Attacks

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Congressman Mark Sanford, a sanctimonious Republican who is infamous for going missing, AWOL from the state for six days while he was the state’s governor so that he could engage in an extra-marital rendezvous with an Argentine journalist, went on Morning Joe Thursday. He was there to participate in a team sport much of DC likes even better than baseball, never ending Trump bashing.

He pretends he’s doing it in a “civilized way,” because after yesterday, they have a new found concern for their safety. They want to present an appearance of civility when they viciously attack the President. But Trump’s got it coming, according to Sanford, who blames him, with a qualifier of “not totally” for the “demons that have been unleashed.”

This turncoat remembers once when President Trump, as a candidate, said he wished he could beat the crap out of an agitator. So he naturally blames Trump for creating the environment in which a Republican was shot because of more hateful acts by yet another of the same Bernie Sanders and Clinton supporters Trump had to kick out at every rally he held. If we had more Donald Trumps who would stand up to thugs and fewer Mark Sanfords who drop to their knees we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in.

Sanford longs for the good old days before the left became violent, before Hussein Obama initiated the campaign of destruction that he is either too cowardly, too naive or too ignorant to recognize. Just like his comrades on the left, such as the Morning Joe commies and RINOs, Sanford blames Trump and his supporters for standing up when Americans are “supposed to roll over.”

He didn’t come to Congress to actually work, just to make promises and collect a check. Now the people have him and his colleagues nervous. What if others start shooting because they’re being raped by the parasitic system? He and the other turncoats who are stabbing the President in the back now have to fear the citizens they’re abusing as well as the crazies. He can’t fault himself or the other corrupt political prostitutes in Congress and he’s on Morning Joe. Might as well blame whipping boy Trump.

He goes so far as to credit the president for foul language he heard used by senior citizens at a retirement home. The F-Bombs are part of the left’s culture, as in “F-Donald Trump,” more than that of the President or anyone else, but according to this idiot, Trump is responsible for potty-mouth among retirees.

We’re coming up on the eight year anniversary, June 18th, of that 2009 exploit by Sanford, his six days that he was MIA as Governor. His office lied for the entire time, as did he, about his whereabouts, finally asserting that he was off “walking the Appalachian Trail.” It was their way of saying he was rolling around on a Posturepedic – in Argentina.  President Trump was probably to blame for creating that environment as well, Congressman?

Please, Congressman, do South Carolina and the rest of us a favor. Disappear again, this time for good. We promise we won’t come looking for you again.

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