GOP Senators Pitch Alternative To Democrat DACA Amnesty – GOP Amnesty

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Three GOP Senators are pitching their own new amnesty plan for DACA illegals, familiar territory for two of them. US Chamber of Commerce shills Thom Tillis (NC) and Orrin Hatch (UT) have recruited Sen James Lankford (OK), now in his third year, as a co-sponsor.

Lankford should be careful about the kind of open borders riff-raff he associates himself with. He’ll get a bad name hanging out with the likes of those two.

Tillis has been pushing hard for increases in visa allotments to enable employers to hire low wage foreigners rather than Americans. Hatch, aside from being the GOP point man for last year’s TPP in concert with Ryan, McConnell and Obama, was also a sponsor of the original “Dream” amnesty back in 2001.

Of course no distasteful or unpopular bill has a chance to succeed in DC without a cute, misleading name. These three chose exactly that, The SUCCEED Act, as in successfully open the border amnesty flood gates.

They’re pitching their amnesty bill as an alternative to the Democrat DREAM Act. Lankford told reporters, “The DREAM Act has been floated around for a decade. We don’t believe the DREAM Act is a conservative solution to how to be able to resolve this, but we also don’t want to leave this question unanswered.”

As unintended proof that this is just the less volatile window dressing for what they ultimately have in store for the American people, Lankford indicated President Trump was generally supportive of the idea, but that he hasn’t seen the text and that the bill would only be one component of a “broader legislative package.” That’s the full blown amnesty that the left likes to call “comprehensive immigration reform.” They’re just applying grease to the skids at this point.

Open Borders Tillis sounded like Nancy Pelosi, minus the forgetfulness and brain freezes, as he said, “This act is about the children. It’s completely merit-based. It ensures fairness. There’s no skipping in line.”

Hang on Tillis, if it applies to people in the country illegally and deals with them immediately or on an schedule that is faster than what would be the case by petitioning from their home country, they’re absolutely skipping in line and it is not fair in any way.

And to label it as being merit-based is deceptive as well. There is no merit to illegal aliens squatting on our soil. They have earned nothing other than a trip back home and disqualification from future consideration for immigration.

He explained that the legislation would establish a path to a green card, the precursor to gaining citizenship, and eventual citizenship for those fitting the arbitrary and irrelevant parameters of having violated US territory and immigration law prior to mid 2012 and before attaining the age of 16. Of course most of them are adults, some in their 30s now, but like we said, it’s arbitrary and irrelevant.

The gimmick utilized by Hatch, Tillis and the rookie Langford involves not only qualification trickery, but progress stunts as well, which must be completed in order to remain in the country. In order to be eligible the illegal would have to obtain a high school diploma or GED, undergo but not necessarily pass a background check, and furnish personal data to DHS.

Of course anyone waiting in their turn and beyond in line under the legal methods of immigration must meet even more stringent screening, including a physical and potential elevated vetting process for protection against terrorism. No such requirements are mentioned by these Chamber of Commerce boy toys.

They’d also supposedly have to pay any back taxes, which invites the question of prosecution for identity fraud and whether those back taxes would include any penalties. Once they’ve met those “exceedingly difficult” requirements, the illegal would be allowed to apply for “conditional permanent residence,” which would need to be renewed after five years.

During that time they would need to be continuously employed in an American’s job, taking an American’s seat in college or serving in an American’s position in the military for at least three years.

After maintaining their conditional status for ten years, what the three amigos call demonstrating they “are a productive, law-abiding member of society,” the illegals could apply for green cards. After five additional years, they would be able to apply for citizenship.

Of course during the entire process they’re really not illegals at all. They’re given legal status to work, go to school, do anything other than vote that an American would do and that takes place immediately. What was that about not skipping in line, Tillis?

In pressing their case, Tillis said, “This bill I believe is a fair and orderly method to providing a … solution for the DACA children.” Hatch said, “I’m tired of this problem. I think we need a permanent solution, you know, since DACA was rescinded.”

The permanent solution already exists, Senator Hatch, they’re called buses, fueled up and pointed south.


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4 Comments on GOP Senators Pitch Alternative To Democrat DACA Amnesty – GOP Amnesty

  1. Another solution is to DEPORT ALL OF THEM, illegals, DACAs, anchor babies, and Syrian (Obama’s army) refugees. Even Canada won’t take them anymore. Why are we paying for their Welfare, food stamps and Medicaid? They are all free loaders, just like the Democrats are, who are getting paid for a job they aren’t doing.

  2. Blasphemy! Tillis needs to be shut down! NO ILLEGAL AMNESTY!! Period! Riots, anyone? Think we can outdo those illegal scum?

  3. “……. I think we need a permanent solution, you know, since DACA was rescinded.”

    That sounds exactly like what Trump said when he kicked to Congress. “Their great people a credit to our country.” Sorry Trump that is what I call betrayal of my vote.

  4. The only permanent solution is; elect people with brains.

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