Google Donates Millions To Fight Gun Rights And “White Privilege”

google gun grabbing Executive Justin Steele made the announcement of the grant.

Google is trying to disguise the nature of the $2 million grant they announced on Friday as being for reducing gun violence. They don’t want to come right out and say that it’s money that’s going for gun control, that might be damaging for their business. What they can do is say they’re doing the humanitarian thing, trying to stop inner city “gun violence,” and then give the lion’s share or all of the money to disarmament groups.

The grant will be established by, the arm of the search engine behemoth that doles out money and resources to nonprofits, particularly to the PICO Live Free Campaign. As painful as it was to the psyche to read their liberal propaganda checklist that is the PICO website, a thorough search provided no explanation for the name PICO or if it’s an acronym for something too communist or unconstitutional to admit to just yet. They present themselves as being against gun violence, but what they really are is a leftist agitation and Constitution subverting cell as a look at their top two officials helps to reveal.

Their website describes their Director, Michael McBride, of Berkley in general agitator terms, how his “commitment to holistic ministry can be seen through his leadership roles in both the church and community organizations. The information on his second in command, Campaign Director Andrea Marta, is much more specific.

Regarding Marta, they state she, “has played key roles in helping to move the “‘president” [Obama] to Ban the Box on all federal jobs, playing a leadership role in PICO CA’s Prop 47 voter engagement strategy,[voter fraud enabling and non-white preference] and organizing PICO California’s Pilgrimage for a Pathway to Citizenship, which covered 285 miles in 21 days.

In her bio Marta is credited with arm-twisting $4 million in city funding to Ceasefire and other violence prevention [gun control] strategies. It describes the PICO organization as being “focused on ending the criminalization of people of color through empowering those directly impacted by mass incarceration to lead in the local, state and national arenas. She currently resides in San Francisco with her husband of eleven years, Yahir.”

Google is donating to one of the typical leftist anti-American, anti-Constitution groups that they have been in bed with under the Obama regime, but PICO is not the only recipient named. It gets worse, much worse. The Bloomberg gun grabbing organization Everytown for Gun Safety, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Americans for Responsible Solutions, Guns Down America, Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence and the Alliance for Gun Responsibility are all receiving a share of the cash and they are all anti-2nd Amendment subversive organizations.

Google claimed in a press release that the money will primarily go to “scale up and accelerate the implementation of evidence-based gun violence prevention strategies in cities with high incidents of gun related homicides and shootings.” This will not be an effort to arm the innocent victims or these organizations would not be involved. It’s money for gun grabbers.

Chicago, New York City, Dallas, Oakland, Orlando, Cincinnati, and Milwaukee will be among the cities the campaign focuses on, with a stated goal to “support local efforts to reduce homicides by firearms, decrease mass incarceration, and center communities of color in the fight to reduce gun violence in America.” That’s the Obama agenda still at work, funded by our searches.

Justin Steele, a racist employed at, and a member of the “Black Googler Network,” said their goal was to interrupt “cycles of violence” and bring about “racial justice.” “Racial justice” must be imposed because Black Lives Matter and white privilege is so rampant in this evil country where most of the shootings are of black by blacks. One has to wonder, how much more racially equal could it get?

Steele gave a plug for his homies in San Francisco, saying in a statement, “ is proud to support the PICO Network-LIVE FREE Campaign as part of our ongoing commitment to organizations and innovators working on racial justice. Their unique, evidence-based approach brings together important allies—clergy, organizers, law enforcement, and organizational leaders—who are able to interrupt cycles of violence by reaching individuals and groups at a local and personal level.”

They used that term evidence-based more than once, as does PICO. That appears to be the angle they’re working to claim victimhood of the oppressive white man and his ability to have nothing to do with blacks shooting each other but still being responsible and needed to have his rights to protect his family from armed thugs and thugs in government taken away.

Bing or DuckDuckGo are starting to look a lot better as a search engine of choice for those who choose to respect and honor the Constitution and their Second Amendment rights.


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