Goldman Sachs, Clintons Coup At Trump White House – Kushners, Cohn And “Habib” Powell

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Did anyone vote for Donald Trump in hopes that he would stack the administration with Globalists and Establishment deep state types? No, not one person. Folks preferring the corrupt status quo voted for the other guy, Clinton. So why is President Trump allowing his administration to be taken over by the enemy?

Lee Stranahan, a former writer for Breitbart who now writes for The Populist, points to the circumstances that surround Ivanka Trump and her affinity with the left. The headline in an article he discusses says it all, “Disloyal: Ivanka Trump partied with Trump-haters prior to inauguration.”

Stranahan revealed, “She had a private party that was hosted at the wife of Rupert Murdoch’s house. The person that put it together was Dina Powell, for people to ‘give Ivanka Trump – advice.'” Everybody at that party except for one he couldn’t come up with any information on, was an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter and Donald Trump hater. That included the editor of Time, which would later put Steve Bannon on the cover with devil horns as they helped orchestrate his neutering.

He paraphrases a Steve Bannon response at CPAC when he was asked if he thought the media was going to get nicer to Donald Trump. Bannon said, “If you think the establishment is going to give up their power and money, you’re crazy. That’s not going to happen.”

David Knight points out that the left has focused on eliminating Bannon “so that they can change the agenda, so that they can change the ideology of the Trump administration that he won on, that he campaigned on with Steve. Now they’re coming on with a completely different agenda. That’s the thing that really concerns me, Lee.”

Stranahan says, “It is exactly the establishment, globalist, internationalist agenda that Donald Trump ran against. That’s what’s so disturbing about it.” He raises the topic of two of the new insiders at the Trump White House, Dina Powell and Gary Cohn. “Let’s talk about who they are,” says Stranahan, “they’re both Goldman Sachs people,” Cohn is a registered Democrat, Powell is a Republican who worked in the Bush administration, who’s ex-husband was the president of Teneo. Teneo is Doug Band’s company that’s connected to the Clintons’ foundation and that Huma Abedin, who’s Hillary Clinton’s top assistant, worked for.”

He notes that Ivanka Trump is friends with both Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton, asking, “Is this just guilt by association, what does this mean?” He explains, “These are people who are marinating in the swamp.” David Knight makes the point that everybody is dropping Powell’s middle name, “Habib,” in an effort to cover up her Egyptian roots. She’s been advising Ivanka Trump on the “women’s issues,” which Knight says had her characterized by the Washington Post as sounding like she was supporting Hillary Clinton. That credit goes in large part to Habib Powell.

She’s now on the National Security Council as both General Flynn and Steve Bannon have been pushed out. Stranahan also notes that the pro-“rebel” faction was behind the sudden decision to bomb Syria. That includes the establishment and Obama loyalists as well as RINOs like McCain and Graham.

Knight says he started getting concerned when he started seeing the people who were being brought in, adding, “It has an effect, this isn’t just inside politics, folks. This isn’t just gossip or ‘Game of Thrones.’ It has real consequences.”

The globalists are taking over the Trump administration. One reason that the staffing delays were forced by Democrats and deep state insiders and the obstructionism so strong was likely to allow time for the personnel to be put into position so they could then be elevated. That also necessitated the removal of others, such as Bannon and Flynn, and enough time to generate influence over President Trump in making those decisions.

If we’re not careful, and vigilant, this could all fall apart. We could still lose the election as the agenda is changing. Now Tillerson and Kushner, as well as daddy’s little girl Mrs. Kushner, are pushing to remain in the UN Climate hoax pact along with Cohn and they’re making progress. Our President is under siege, and more importantly, so are we.

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9 Comments on Goldman Sachs, Clintons Coup At Trump White House – Kushners, Cohn And “Habib” Powell

  1. Kelleigh Nelson // April 19, 2017 at 10:37 am // Reply

    Cuz they’re not happy

  2. I should have mentioned that it appears a 30 year old liberal named Ossoff is on track to win the election for Georgia’s 6th District, replacing Tom Price. Trump won the District by 2%. Looks like the repub’s stayed home. I wonder why?

  3. Kelleigh Nelson // April 19, 2017 at 10:28 am // Reply

    The problem is, he won’t get rid of Ivanka and Kushner, so we’re going to have to get him to see these other people are not good…best way to do that is to call the white house, and tweet Trump, you’ll be ignored if you say DUMP IVANKA AND JARED…go after Powell, McMaster, Pompeo, etc. and do it with finesse. I’ve never liked Pompeo, what a phony suck up. That guy even looks slimy. Sheesh

  4. Hopefully, The Donald did a bunch of soul-searching during his quiet weekend in Florida. If he doesn’t correct his trajectory, his Presidency will soon fail.

  5. may be they are here to make a deal. let us see what is outcome.
    Ivanka and her husband should stay away from politics.

    No doubt Trump family knows Clinton family and other globalist.

  6. WTF screwed again. As Eastwood might have said; “Again and shoot everyone of the son of a bitches”, followed with music; sound of slide whistle ending with cajon beat.

  7. Edie Faylor // April 19, 2017 at 7:59 am // Reply

    I believe in our President, but i am not happy with some of the people he surrounds himself with. Is it just me or does this stink to high heaven to others???

  8. Deplorable Doctor // April 19, 2017 at 7:46 am // Reply

    I did Not work hard, become a Big League Supporter, and Voter for The Cushners, Dina Powell, and Gary Cohn! Seems like we’ve been “Hoodwinked” by the New Trump!

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