What Globalists? – TILLERSON Embraces OBAMA Doctrine, Demeans GORKA

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Were it not for the absence of a pink tie and presence of a normally proportioned head rather than one that looks more like Secretariat than a Secretary of State, one might have thought Chris Wallace was interviewing John Kerry – at least when it comes to the dismissive remarks he made about Dr. Sebastian Gorka and the cover for sanitizing the language regarding Islamic terrorism.

Wallace questioned Tillerson about the forcing out of both Steve Bannon and Gorka. He said many “are saying that this is a victory for the globalists, and they include you in that group, over the so-called ‘America firsters.'”

Wallace continues, “Sebastian Gorka, in his resignation letter to the President, wrote this about the Afghanistan speech, ‘The fact that those who drafted and approved the speech removed any mention of radical Islam or radical Islamic terrorism, proves that a crucial element of your presidential campaign has been lost.’ Is Gorka right?”

Tillerson seems anxious to respond, saying, “No, I think he’s completely wrong, Chris and I think it shows a lack of understanding of the President’s broader policy when it comes to protecting Americans at home and abroad from all acts of terrorism.” Of course there was no lack of understanding though there are clearly differences of opinion.

Tillerson could have stopped at stating a simple disagreement but instead opted to include a demeaning attack on Gorka as an ignorant simpleton, indicative of some bitterness and probably making Gorka’s point for him. Tillerson’s words again sound like something out of the Obama regime, the very globalists that Gorka said were running our foreign and national security policies. Jihadi Jeh Johnson wouldn’t have said it any differently, aside from including the obligatory advertisement for his CVE terrorist welfare program and a reminder to “see something say something.”

“Terrorism manifests itself in the many types of organizations,” essentially saying that not all terrorism is Islamic and they don’t deserve any special emphasis or recognition by virtue of their overwhelming majority. Right, Jeh… er, Rex. He then goes on to say he doesn’t see any division between the “America firsters” and the globalists. That’s because he’s one of them and they’ve pretty much eliminated the division by ousting all but one or two on the other side.

Tillerson then shifts into a long-winded off-topic answer about Afghanistan to keep from having to answer that more difficult question that was actually asked, the one about the globalists and their successful takeover of the White House. He says “The Afghan government and the Afghan people must own their form of government.”

Good luck with that one, Afghanistan. You’re seeing now just how much these globalists in the White House respect the will of the people and the agenda upon which they elected their own President. Your wishes won’t have much impact either. Can a government pretend that their enemy is “those Icelandic terrorists” or the “Belize bombers” as they pretend there is no Islamic terror really protect the American people? Will our global human importation programs also continue to not reflect the heightened risk and cultural degradation under Tillerson?

Whatever happened to “You can’t defeat your enemy if you won’t identify your enemy?” Are we adopting Obama’s strategy of American surrender while claiming we’re not and similarly sanitizing the identity of the enemy? Has anyone bothered to reinsert the references to Islamic terrorism in all of the documents purged by Robert Mueller when he was FBI director? Why not?

Mr. President, there are snakes in your bed.


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7 Comments on What Globalists? – TILLERSON Embraces OBAMA Doctrine, Demeans GORKA

  1. Kathy Conrad // August 29, 2017 at 1:17 am // Reply

    Sorry to Bust Your Bubble Rexie Boy BUT Dr. Gorka has More Intelligence in the tip of his little finger nail than you have in your whole body!! He knows Exactly of what he speaks of & says, the ones that should be outed Rex are You, Ryan, McConnell, Corker,McMasters Rosenstein & NOW John Kelly as well as others!! It’s time YOU quit Stabbing OUR President in the Back! DR. GORKA FOR CHIEF OF STAFF!!! I can think of a few LOYAL ones to take the place of Rexie to!!!

  2. The swamp creatures are rising up from the swamp like ‘snakes’ and swallowing up the drainers whole! “Mr. President, there are snakes in your bed.” Darn straight! Draining isn’t potent enough.

  3. Thomas Oakley // August 28, 2017 at 9:34 am // Reply

    Well again he proves he is not one of trumps people, but one of the back stabbers. This is not the fist time, and as long as he is kept, will not be the last time he will do it. Again trump taking bad advise, first putting kelly in charge, and not paying attention to what he is doing, tilleson is a liberal, rino, good old boy, follower of the NWO and is either a influence or is influenced by trumps daughter……..they both think alike, sad to say. All those good people that stood by him from day one, are being overlooked by his so called inner circle when it comes to filling slots, and now kelly is going to decide who gets to or what info gets to trump. Wake up donald, the snakes are closer then you think. Please replace those people with those you know you can trust, and it is not anyone associated with the swamp in any way.

  4. I like Gorka and want to know why he was dismissed. He is a good man and would have been a great addition to our government.

  5. Yeah, Tillie Baby, Dr. Gorka understands it very well .. he probably knew from day one that the swamp would overtake the Trump Administration, and he was right. His mistake was thinking he could make a difference.

  6. Tillerson, Cohen, McMaster, the whole administration seems to be against Trump’s campaign agenda and are not shy about espousing it, even if using double entendre. Almost 70% of Trump supporters are saying how smart Trump is and he knows how to pick winners. The rest are saying this is the brilliance of 3D chess. But they can’t explain how that 3D chess works.

  7. HowardMacKinnon // August 28, 2017 at 6:29 am // Reply

    Tillerson, McMaster, Ryan & Mitchell have to go. They are all plotting against our President. They are absolutely no help to him & his agenda.

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