Globalists Using Same “Russians Did It, Blame Fake News” Campaign To Protect Merkel

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The official EU narrative is not even questioned in the article in Britain’s Sunday Express. The opening sentence is “Russia has launched a cyber campaign to take down Angela Merkel and promote far-right groups in the upcoming German elections.” They quoted “a US official” as the source. That’s much more convenient, Angela can simply plead ignorance if and when she might ever be pressed for specifics.

Just as Obama, Clinton and the rest of the losing globalists in America are painting the Russians as the villains in their criminal candidate’s loss, and describing the real leaks of truth that exposed her evil corruption as “fake news,” the Germans are employing their own variations of the same attacks. The “Russians did it and are still doing it,” there must be a crackdown on free speech to save the nation.

It’s more than coincidental that the counterpart to Clinton in the EU, the globalist who has almost single-handedly destroyed the Christian cultures and introduced the conquering armies into every nation on the continent, Angela Merkel is adopting the same narrative. They are tools in the hand of the same master.

Merkel recently stepped up the pressure on social media companies to expand their already draconian censorship policies to prevent her political opposition from communicating during the upcoming elections. She’s ordered YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft to intensify their efforts to remove “extreme content” from their websites by creating a common database. Extreme content is not the terrorist related information and content we might expect it would define, it’s anything critical of Merkel or the EU Islamification program.

This comes as Hussein Obama orders his intelligence agencies to provide him with answers as to what happened in the US with Clinton, be they genuine or be they fabricated, with a deadline of before he leaves office on January 20th. Obviously he’ll be busy handing out pardons and taking care of last minute dictates then so that likely means the first week of January at the latest. He needs time for analysis and to provide a full report to his German globalist counterpart. If Russian involvement is there, he’ll make sure she and others are aware of it. If it’s not, he’s not above creating a really good story to sell his agenda.

The Express article was clearly not written to challenge the official globalist EU narrative. It states, “Moscow will escalate a decade long operation to boost support for the far-right and nationalist groups in Germany.” It repeats the lie that the CIA confirmed “Moscow helped Donald Trump win the US election through a series of cyber attacks.” The CIA statement was an assessment, with a caveat that there was no direct Russian involvement.” The Express goes on to a totally unsubstantiated and worthless anonymous assertion that “A US official familiar with the investigation says Russian President Vladimir Putin will continue to wreck havoc.” We’ll recognize that official when we see him by his turban and his pronounced crystal balls.

The propagandizing prognosticating official, it is claimed, believes “Moscow is launching a similar effort to influence the next German election, following an escalating campaign to promote far-right and nationalist political parties and individuals in Europe that began more than a decade ago.”

This is just too convenient, and too similar to what is going on with the same criminal cabal in America. The “far-right,” those Trump people, Farage people, Orban, Wilders and Le Pen supporters, they’re combining forces with Russia to target poor little Angela. All she did was destroy a continent, what’s the big deal?

They laid the foundation for the upcoming assault on freedom further, saying, “German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is seeking a fourth term in office, has already said she cannot rule out Russia interfering in Germany’s 2017 election through internet attacks and misinformation campaigns.” Of course she can’t, her intention is rule it in, regardless of the reality of the situation, in the name of preserving Germany and “freedom.”

They note that “German officials have accused Moscow of trying to manipulate German media to fan popular angst over issues like the migrant crisis, weaken voter trust and breed dissent within the European Union so that it drops sanctions against Moscow.”

The German people and others across Europe are the ones having their quality of life destroyed and their family members harmed by the hordes that Merkel imported. She’s looking for a scapegoat behind which to hide her totalitarian responses to their legitimate anger. The German people do not need to be led by Russia, they have plenty of reasons for their own outrage and are mobilizing themselves.

They quote Hans-Georg Maassen, head of Germany’s BfV spy agency, as saying, “We see aggressive and increased cyber spying and cyber operations that could potentially endanger German government officials, members of parliament and employees of democratic parties.”

Try acting in the interest of the German citizens and see if that problem doesn’t go away on its own.

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5 Comments on Globalists Using Same “Russians Did It, Blame Fake News” Campaign To Protect Merkel

  1. I’m just hoping that the German people have enough common sense to shitz-can merkel in 2017 as we have shitz-canned the HildaBEAST Clinton on November 8th, 2016.
    Both merkel and Clinton are two peas of the same pod, ignorant morons having only self-serving interests at putting the entire World at risk.
    Germany, it’s time for a courtesy flush because merkel is stinking up the whole European continent.

  2. The “Russians did it” is liberal, planted fake news at its finest! And they absolutely expect their “useful idiots” to swallow this narrative, too…rather than take ANY responsibility for their own major failures.

  3. “If Russian involvement is there, he’ll (Obama will) make sure she (Angela Merkel) and others are aware of it. If it’s not, he’s not above creating a really good story to sell his agenda.”

    Now this effort by the “spinmeister” brings brand new meaning to the term “RED herring!”

  4. Eldon Andersebn // December 12, 2016 at 2:55 am // Reply

    Will you stupid Bastareds ever stupid Mouth,, You Lost!!###!####

  5. Frau Angela, die neue Adolf-wannabe, has destroyed Europe by swamping and bankrupting the entire continent with never-planning-to-assimilate Muslims, who have eagerly added these European infidel deplorables to their New Islamic World Caliphate, just as Jihadi OBamBam has been doing here. Anyone who opposes Islam and one-world slavery is on the globalists’ radar. Russia did it. Russia hacked our elections because they wanted Trump to win. Oh really? Russia invaded Ukraine and “took” Crimea. Wrong again. Russia is protecting their people, Christians, churches and national interests. Russia is not responsible for the U.S./NATO coup in Ukraine, and if you come down with a cold tomorrow? No, Russia did NOT do it.

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