Globalists, DEMS Know – When STATUES Come DOWN, The COUNTRY Soon FOLLOWS

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Neocon American Presidents have been very good over the years at building, or at least claiming and appearing to have built, coalitions for their military actions as a mean of providing themselves with political cover and legal protection. We’ve seen them in action as the conquering force many times before but are now, unfortunately, getting a view from the perspective of the intended vanquished. The globalists really are coming for us.

When a government is overthrown one of the first casualties are its statues and monuments to the leaders of the past and the ousted administration. It only happens after the takeover, once power is in the hands of the conquering forces. We are seeing the removal of our history, particularly the white people of history taking place now, across the south, by the order of the globalist Democrat leftists. That means the enemy is already to a large degree empowered and in control of our country.

The toppling of the statue of Saddam Hussein is an image that was striking and indisputable evidence of the end of his regime. The “diverse” and “multi-cultural” UN style forces are already positioned within the government as we suffer the chaotic impact of the fundamental change that Hussein Obama threatened. They are in place and continuing his evil work. The signal to attack has been given, the assault is underway.

What would America look like in the throes of a foreign invasion and conquest, one that utilized our own generosity against us by forcing enemy radicals into our society? Why was there never a demand made by Congress to see proof of Hussein Obama’s citizenship? It’s simple.

The establishment in DC, the swamp, is a foreign shadow government masquerading as our legitimate one, doing the bidding of their globalist controllers and enablers. The past eight years were the final period of the positioning of their assets prior to the execution of the coup. We’re being conquered. This is what it looks like from the inside.

As is customary, a “diverse” force, essentially operating under the flag of the United Nations, has inserted itself. They have utilized mechanisms such as affirmative action to elevate radicals with a hatred for white people and the United States, the “you owe me” entitlement. Their white America-hating ambitious counterparts were also given powerful positions by the Democrat Party as well as RINO establishment types.

Simply changing the color of the leaders wasn’t enough, as most black or brown Americans are loyal to their country. It was the radical, disgruntled, America haters, communists, Islamists, black and brown racists, that had to be elevated. Open borders and unenforced immigration laws achieved a similar anti-American dilution for the general population.

The UN globalists have their officials inserted covertly throughout government entities in the United States as Democrats, obedient to the international body, those who control it, and those who control them through it. Many likely don’t even realize they’re being used to overthrow America and just believe they’re “humanitarians,” doing what’s right. They’re the useful idiots we’ve heard so much about.

How many times were we told by the communist Obama that something against American interests was “the right thing to do?” It was a sure sign that it was the wrong thing for our country and something that he had no legal authority to mandate under our Constitution.

With the assistance of those useful idiots, the militant anti-American globalist Democrats and establishment RINOs are now viciously attacking the history and people that built America as if they were a cancer, eliminating our history as part of the process of eliminating us. It’s not a matter of endorsing or opposing slavery, it’s a matter of removing white imagery, the recordings and validation of our past, so that those remaining can be re-educated, the past eliminated and their racially diverse, homogenous, and most importantly, subservient, global society installed in its place.

Our enemies recognize that President Trump is a threat to their being able to pull off the coup, that he will and is exposing them for what they are doing. That is why they are attacking him so relentlessly, to take him down before the dumbed-down American people wake up to the takeover, those that can still be awakened.

The enemy is within the gates. They are in power in local, city, state, and federal positions as well as the deep state bureaucracy. They are the mechanisms for coup implementation, with the lying media the means of controlling the brainwashed public into the acceptance that mass suicide and cannibalization are the only logical way “forward.”

They’re dividing the country, using one segment of the population to attack another and attacking our President as the symbol of their enemy, the United States, and the key to wresting away power. They’re orchestrating public opinion in the manner that most suits their needs. None of this monument moving, outrage against President Trump or supposed responses such as the shutting down of his advisory business groups are random occurrences. Those are global companies that were in bed with Hussein Obama long before stealing a kiss from the President. They’ve now returned to courting their first loves, illicit power and money.

President Trump being elected was a Godsend that disrupted their plans and gave us a chance to save this country but he can’t do it alone. We’ve got to stand up beside him or they’ll destroy him and the last chance for us to peacefully save this great nation. Anyone who claims we’re not under attack is either in denial, not paying attention or one of the attackers.


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11 Comments on Globalists, DEMS Know – When STATUES Come DOWN, The COUNTRY Soon FOLLOWS

  1. Rick, very good articles and right on. Sharing all the time. Appreciate your hard work and getting the truth out. Keep up the good work. Civil war on the rise, pray for a miracle.

  2. They started with the most important book, they got rid of the Bible, not even churches use it anymore!

    • I hope our President Trump would fixes all of this messes or else this country would becomes somewhat similar to the Communist. This is the scary moment after 8 years of Obama, the divide of this nation is vividly clear.

  3. After all the statues are removed, what’s next? Books?

    • A lot of people are not aware, but books, history, so forth have been being eliminated for past 5-8 yrs! I am a book collector so very aware. They have been re-writing history! libtards, there way, there version, per Wikipedia etc, while big book sales have been going on! Imagine why museums, library’s, holding houses have been getting rid of these special holdings at book sales! Many are just one copy, dates back to 1700’s. I know as i have payed attention. Many History, revolutionary war, Civil, presidential history, military, army, Marines, deaths, Slavery, Many many records of history of this time. State records, Congress, bills, Many law books, cases over time, etc. Religion books from Churches, records down to list of attendees, names from churches, many are Christianity of every kind you could think of! Many of these books are so much of our documented history and un-replaceable. I was shocked to see this and was so dumbfounded as to why this was happening! I knew There was a more sinister reason and wiping out our history! Been done right under American’s nose’s!

      • I wasn’t aware of the books part, but I have to confess that I am not a book reader. All of these actions going on lately is worrying me. How come we got into this? Sometimes I wonder what is our school system is teaching to the younger generation? The scho I knew the media is the brainwashing machine that’s why I don’t tune in to watch the news anymore.

  4. I’m afraid and I do not live up there! I am watching disgusted from Costa Rica where I am a citizen. I did my citizenship by a 2 day exam and had to live in Costa Rica for 7 years too. I am PRO President Trump. God Bless America and our President!

  5. Howard Douglas // August 17, 2017 at 7:04 am // Reply

    Rick, so glad you know and thank you so much for telling it like it is. Civil War is coming to America, but like never there ever was one. Conventional and Nuclear weapons will be used and America’s enemies, Obama. McMaster, DPRK, Iran, ISIS and anyone who truly hates America, will exploit this very serious event. Jeremiah was inspired to describe the war in chapter 51 and Revelation 18 speaks to those who hath an ear to hear!

  6. I believe this is exactly on target. I hope Trump is wise to this plan and the globalists all around him will be neutered. This is our last stand. IMO, while I’m all in for a civil fight, even though we outnumber the enemy, we don’t have the organized direction they have to win. Unless the military is on our side we may lose our way of life.

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