Globalist Puppet “French Obama” Macron Aided By Soros AntiFa Riots Against Le Pen

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The events in France are vivid evidence that what happens in US politics is, in many ways, also being played out on the international stage and that it often is literally that, just a stage. Hussein Obama phoned Macron on Thursday of last week to give his official unofficial endorsement as he ended his secret vacation in “French Polynesia.” Was Obama representing the globalists in planning with Macron’s team as part of his “Vacation” activities?

Macron, the globalist candidate of Soros and the oligarchs, proceeded to the next round as the establishment representative. He now will face off against the people’s candidate, Marine Le Pen. The fact that Macron is being referred to as the next Obama or Trudeau is no accident; that’s exactly what he is. As a former investment banker at Rothschild & Cie Banque, he is a globalist puppet.

The same tactics of rioting in the streets in opposition to political realities that they don’t like and are trying to change is taking place in France in response to Ms. Le Pen advancing. In the US the Obama OFA and Soros Web have the Antifa terrorists as their street goons attacking innocent people. Antifa, which proclaims itself to be the Anti-Fascist Action organization, has an operation in France as well. They are pro-communism, pro-authoritarianism street thugs doing the bidding of the globalists, most notably but in no way exclusively Obama and Soros. Their objective is to intimidate the weak into submission.

On Sunday night, following the election, six policemen were injured as leftist radical thugs rioted, burning cars and smashing property, with 143 arrests made. There should have been many more and they should spend a minimum of thirty days behind bars, removing as much of the thuggery from the scene until after the election as possible. That won’t happen because, in France as in the US, thugs are hard to come by and this is a very busy time for them. They’re too valuable for those in power to allow them to sit behind bars.

TVA Nouvelles reported that several hundred “anti-fascists,” gathered in the capital “against” the centrist Emmanuel Macron and the candidate of extreme Right Marine Le Pen. They got it half right, though the labels they chose are quite illuminating; they’re protesting Le Pen. That will become more obvious over the next two weeks although there are those among the grass roots thuggery who haven’t grasped the big picture yet, that they’re tools of the very oligarchs they believe they are fighting.

One of the programmed idiots told a French broadcaster, Francinfo, “We have come to protest against the masquerade that is this election. All of its main candidates — [Emmanuel] Macron, [François] Fillon, Le Pen — are standing only to perpetuate the reign of an oligarchy which hoards power and steals the wealth from ordinary people.”

If that actually were the case, they’d be demonstrating against Macron instead of Le Pen. In her speech on Sunday evening Le Pen implored the citizens of France to support her against “globalist former Rothschild investment banker Macron” on May 7th in the election’s second round. She warned that “the survival of France” is at stake.

Le Pen told her audience, “What is at stake here is a wild type of globalization endangering our country.” She said it is time for France to not just vote for establishment candidates, “who have done nothing” but to welcome new policies and new faces into government.

She declared, “It is time to release the French people of arrogant elites who want to dictate their conduct.” Even if she’s elected, as we have learned in the US with President Trump, the globalists don’t just go away. Their scorched-earth policies simply ramp up.


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  1. Is the uniform the only difference between the CIA and the SS.

  2. TONYA PARNELL // April 25, 2017 at 5:26 am // Reply


  3. Wikileaks recently published findings that the CIA was interfering in France’s elections. That’s why the “axis of evil – CIA, Sessions & Pompeo – are going after Assange to silence him – forever. What a large spider web of corruption our REAL enemies have woven – CIA, soros, obama, congress (yes, Congress!), the Clintons, the Fed, etc ad nauseum. We could fall into deliberate, pre & long planned destruction if we don’t activate now.

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