Globalist Pope Francis – US And Russia A Very Dangerous, Distorted Alliance

merkel pope francis

In a Saturday article in the Italian newspaper la Republica, Pope Francis once again spoke as the globalist ambassador to the world, this time warning against their enemies forming their own pacts. Danger is in the eye of the beholder and in this case the threat is in part from us and the threatened are the New World Order schemers.

He said “The G20 worries me, it hits migrants in countries in half of the world and it hits them even more as time goes by.” Reuters reports he also said he was fearful of “very dangerous alliances among powers that have a distorted vision of the world: America and Russia, China and North Korea, Putin and Assad in the war in Syria.”

Many Americans, including many American Catholics, would be surprised to learn that our vision of the world is a distortion. He also said that the greatest danger concerned immigration, with “the poor, the weak, the excluded and the marginalized” juxtaposed with “those who… fear the invasion of migrants“.  Why would anyone fear an invasion by uncivilized, barbaric ideologues out to destroy them and their cultures?

He’s got no problem with the  pro-EU European nations aligning themselves together because that is the essence of the takeover mechanism through which global government will be imposed, if they are successful. The Islamic caliphate that Francis also seems to endorse escaped his warnings about very dangerous alliances, after all, there’s nothing distorted about shooting or blowing up innocent people.

Peace between Russia and the United States might be too much of an obstruction for Francis, the UN and the EU to overcome. Who will be the boogeyman if they aren’t threatening? How will they generate compliance if there is no threat to force begrudging acceptance? Who would replace America as the climate destroying capitalists and Russia as the evil menace?

Cooperation between the US and Russia is a real threat to Francis and the globalists

Cooperation between Russia and the US being the real threat to their plans, Francis throws a diversion into his claims, the already existing pacts between China and North Korea as well as Syria and Russia. But, wait a minute, Francis. China didn’t meet with Korea at the G20 and Russia didn’t meet with Syria. Could he be setting up a potential substitute villain if needed?

His comments were clearly aimed at Russia and the US, in support of Merkel, Macron and the EU puppet leaders to cast a disparaging light on the progress towards normalization by Presidents Trump and Putin. Pope Francis closed his comments with a warning that Europe should adopt a federal structure as soon as possible or “it won’t count for anything in the world.”

The transformation from a national mindset to a continental and world view can’t come too quickly for the globalists.  Even as they were still cleaning up after their paid anarchist agitators in the street, Francis is planting new seeds of propaganda to thwart the real progress that took place. Those efforts that Merkel and her allies dismiss as inconsequential and foolhardy, with potential for huge benefits undertaken by President Donald Trump.


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