Globalist Pelosi Claims Trans-Border Int’l Community Supersedes US Sovereignty, Security

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Chuck Todd engaged with his liberal Democrat comrade, Nancy Pelosi on the topic of the border wall and clearly demonstrated, as badly as liberalism has messed up his own thinking, his neural pathways are pristine by comparison.


He asks the addlebrained anti-American obstructionist, “Is there any scenario that you will support or that Democrats will help keep the government open if there is money designated to build the wall? Pelosi replies, “The Democrats do not support the wall.” Rather than speaking truthfully as to the reason, that it would effectively end their campaign of expanding their party through invasion and the destruction of America that is critical to their globalist ambitions, she shovels out some “DC” brand manure.

Pelosi says, “And I think the Republicans on the border states do not support the wall,” referring to RINOs McCain and Flake, who were part of the amnesty writing team known as the gang of eight, and John Cornyn, also a bought and paid for open borders establishment puppet. Ted Cruz is likely in favor of the wall and being mis-characterized by the lying Democrats and their media allies.

She attempts to pass responsibility for any shutdown to the Republicans, but the minority obstructionists got the blame in 2013 with Obamacare, with Ted Cruz getting eviscerated on all fronts. Why is that not to be the case again when the Democrat are being their typical obstructionist selves? Paul Ryan gave Obama everything he wanted as his first official action as Speaker in 2015. Is a GOP surrender on everything just part of how things are designed to work now in DC?


The House Hag says, “The wall is, in my view, immoral, expensive, unwise, and when the President said, ‘Well I promised a wall during my campaign,’ I don’t think he said he was going to pass billions of dollars of cost of the wall onto the taxpayer.”

What’s immoral about protecting your own nation from a foreign invasion, Pelosi and  from the threat of terrorism? What’s immoral about making it much more difficult for drug cartels to smuggle their poison into our communities?  How expensive is it to construct a wall that eliminates the socially dependent from entering our nation and hooking up to the American feeding tube? How much less expensive is it when the Mexican government or its citizens involved in siphoning off American wealth are forced to pay for their exploitation of the United States?

What about the savings that go beyond the dollars, to the lives of Americans that are taken by criminal illegals, drug dealers and drug overdoses or the quality of lives that are diminished through addiction? How is it immoral to reserve American jobs for American workers or to force those foreign nationals who work in the United States to do so legally and within the system? What’s bad, Pelosi, about not allowing the US wages to be eroding by cheap foreign labor?


How unwise is it to ignore the benefits of constructing a wall in favor of manipulating the political system in a Marxist support scheme designed to keep immoral Democrats in power and to keep the treasury-busting expenses of illegal immigration squatting in place as we race towards national insolvency?

Pelosi admits the wall is unacceptable in any circumstance because it prevents the destructive ambitions of the Democrat party, characterizing the southwest as a community with a border going through it, in essence, a transnational population which supersedes the national sovereignty of the United States.

She needs to be removed from office for violating her oath and the Constitution and acting as an enemy foreign agent. She goes on to make the ludicrous statement that President Trump is showing weakness by defending the nation in constructing a wall. She’s not that stupid, she’s deliberately twisting and distorting reality as Democrats and RINOs usually do. She fails to recognize that the border has been out of control for eight years and longer, but acts like it is a new situation just because the effort to correct it is new.

Pelosi is the enemy, she needs to be recognized as such by that piece of globalist trash Paul Ryan and impeached. Enough of this treason being tolerated by the numb nuts in Congress, dammit! Do something about it, GOP, while you’ve got control – at least as much as your puppet masters will allow you to exert.

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11 Comments on Globalist Pelosi Claims Trans-Border Int’l Community Supersedes US Sovereignty, Security

  1. STUPIDITY at it’s best!

  2. Pelosi, building a wall is paramount when you have “twits” holding public office that are protecting the illegals coming in from YOUR DEMOCRATIC OPEN BORDER! You took an oath to serve and protect. You have failed every American who has been victimized, in any way, by the damned flood of illegals the Democratic Party has allowed into our country. Americans have paid you all handsome salaries to do nothing more than sit on your dead a** and allow this heinous, unAmerican act to continue happening! Any Senator, Congressman or any other law maker, from either party, who would allow illegals to flood into our country, should be purged from any kind of of public office at once!! It is NOT immoral to build the wall. It is the only way to protect American lives and way of life. It IS , however, immoral to put America and American lives at risk by sitting back on your “do-nothing-a**es” and allow American lives to remain at risk! Building this wall does not show any signs of weakness. In fact, quite the contrary! It shows the President is not going to permit illegal entry into this country any longer. The signs of weakness came from Hussein Obama’s weak policy on immigration and the Democratic lawmaker’s permissiveness to let Hussein Obama do whatever he wanted. Didn’t any of the Democrats have any guts to stand up for America or Americans? The Dems and Republicans have allowed our southern border to be compromised to the point that this wall is not just needed, it is paramount, you twit! It is the Democratic Party’s fault the border is out of control. More Americans want this wall because we don’t trust you and your cronies to protect our country any longer! I did hear that WalMart is hiring. Maybe you could get a job there but even that is unlikely. As you know, WalMart and many other companies are hiring the illegals, immigrants and “refugees” before Americans. Why? It’s because WalMart is making money from hiring these illegals, immigrants and “refugees” from our government. So, maybe you can just sit back and do nothing. That is what you do best, it would appear!

  3. David Welden // April 25, 2017 at 1:52 pm // Reply

    The “puppet masters” need to be destroyed. The swamp can’t be drained while they remain in control. Can Trump remove them? Probably not.

    I like your new banner, Mr Wells.

    • Rick Wells // April 25, 2017 at 6:01 pm // Reply

      thanks David, got six of them in there – if the load time is okay i’ll randomize them, if not rotate em out – let me know, will you if it loads slowly? – Anybody else please feel free and thanks

  4. Where you are driving in Texas and smell a knock you out stink, you more than likely are approaching John Cornyn.

  5. Hadenoughalready // April 25, 2017 at 1:07 pm // Reply

    Yup! Keep them stupid – they’re easier to manipulate. Ergo “Common Core”…

  6. Pure, unadulterated nonsense. Pelosi, grow a brain. No wait – don’t. You would be even more dangerous.

  7. Hadenoughalready // April 25, 2017 at 12:22 pm // Reply

    Remember when, in history, traitors were dealt with…harshly?

  8. Pelosi is an IDIOT. She should be arrested and sent to prison for crimes against American citizens. She is defending ILLEGAL criminals, against Americans.

  9. Edie Faylor // April 25, 2017 at 10:48 am // Reply

    I have always known she was insane!

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