Globalist Mexican Candidate For Presidente Trash Talks Trump On US Soil

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It’s a sad commentary on the state of our nation and the success of the Mexican invasion of  America that one of their presidential candidates finds it useful to make a trip into the United States to campaign. How would that work, anyway? Would they vote by absentee ballots or will they need to sneak back into the US after casting votes in the country they belong in? Maybe Mexico should create a new ballot for illegals to save them all of the trouble and expense of the trip, one that they can pick up at a consulate by presenting those documents they “don’t have” as the supposedly “undocumented.” Maybe they could be handed out by the corrupt officials of the State of California and other Democrat cesspools at the same time as their illegal driver’s licenses. They could call it “El Parasito Moto Voto,” or something like that.

On Sunday Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador made a trip to the Northern Mexico city of Los Angeles in what many Americans still like to think of as the American state of California. He spoke to a massive rally and, predictably, vilified President Trump in the process. He felt obligated to deride the wall that President Trump is building to control the Mexican infestation, a sure sign that it’s a threat to their plans of conquest.

Lopez Obrador is labeled a populist, which in Mexico means he’s entitled to be here and to speak however he chooses in inciting both Spanish-speaking Americans and their squatter comrades against the government of their parasitic host country.

The Mexican global communist said, “I think the wall and the demagoguery of patriotism are no match for the dignity and humanity of the American people.” So American patriotism is undignified, inhumane demagoguery, but the Mexican patriotism of those who have abandoned their corrupt homeland for ours, that’s “viva Mexico” pride. 

He described California, the Democrat septic tank of open borders “diversity,” as “a refuge and blessing for immigrants,” firing up the partisans, saying “long live California.” That’s California, Northern Mexico, not as part of the USA.

He accused President Trump of “stirring up” Americans against the invading Mexicans, saying, “Donald Trump and his advisers have gained from stirring up members in certain sectors of U.S. society against immigrants and, particularly, those of Mexican nationality.”

Actually it was invaders and their enablers like this Mexican trash as well as the Islamist who was illegally occupying our White House and his Democrat henchmen who stirred our response. It was grassroots and organic, not a manipulation by agenda-driven individuals, such as Obrador. President Trump was just smart enough to listen to us, to recognize our complaints as a legitimate response to the destruction of our country and was willing to lead us in doing something about it.

He continued, “When they want to build a wall to segregate populations, or when the word ‘foreigner’ is used to insult, denigrate and discriminate against our fellow human beings, it goes against humanity, it goes against intelligence and against history.” Sorry that you foreigners have a problem with that word, there, Obrador, how about “foreign invader” or “dirty foreign squatter” instead?

Lopez Obrador also attempted to whip up the crowd by vowing to spearhead a move in the United Nations to file human rights violations charges against the United States. That’s a great idea, Juan, Pedro, Anders, whatever your name is; we need another reason to get out to the UN too.

He imparted some of the global communist philosophy to the gathered would-be conquerors of America, saying, “Neither the United States nor the American continent come first. What comes first is to build here on this earth the kingdom of justice and universal brotherhood.

Call that the government of universal equality, the communist, one world government under the UN that this guy is promoting. That radical Mexican is not only trash-talking about our President, he’s advocating for the destruction of our government and our nation. This Mexican vermin doesn’t have a right to enter the United States, he was granted permission by someone to enter. We need to make sure that mistake isn’t repeated in the future.

The Trump wall can’t go up fast enough.

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