Globalist McMaster Fires 3 Trump – Bannon Loyalists In 2 Weeks, Protects Obama Holdovers

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General H R McMaster continues to solidify his power as he eats away at the Trump loyalists on the NSC, bagging his third scalp in just two weeks with the Wednesday firing of Ezra Cohen-Watnick. The now departed NSC senior director for intelligence who was brought onto the Trump team by McMaster’s predecessor and Trump loyalist, General Michael Flynn.

McMaster had previously tried to get rid of Cohen-Watnick but had been blocked by Steve Bannon and President Trump himself. It seems now that McMaster feels Mr. Trump has learned his lesson about crossing him, and is giving it another go.

Unbelievably, this time Trump knuckled under. Bannon ally Cohen-Watnick was removed from the NSC. The White House statement said, “General McMaster appreciates the good work accomplished in the NSC’s Intelligence directorate under Ezra Cohen’s leadership. He has determined that, at this time, a different set of experiences is best-suited to carrying that work forward. General McMaster is confident that Ezra will make many further significant contributions to national security in another position in the administration.”

You don’t appreciate the good work of somebody and simultaneously determine that an ambiguous “different set of experiences” is best suited for the job. You likewise don’t then force him out with nothing but an insincere “good luck finding a new spot” and a boot print on his backside. He was fired for not being globalist enough, poisoned with too much of that Bannon – Trump nationalist, America first thinking.

It’s Obama holdovers, globalists and neocons only for the Trump NSC. Trump even interviewed Valerie Jarrett, Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton’s close friend, current deputy national security adviser Dina Habib Powell, who replaced Bannon earlier on the NSC, for the Chief of Staff position. Clearly this shift is not taking place without Trump’s knowledge.

Last week McMaster claimed another victim, Col. Derek Harvey, a renowned Middle East expert. No reason for the firing was given by either the NSC or the White House. Conservative Review reports “Harvey was closely involved in president Trump’s efforts to rid the National Security Council of Obama holdovers, who were suspected of leaking national security secrets to the press. After extensive research, Harvey compiled a list of suspected leakers and reportedly delivered it straight to the president, who then took his list to McMaster.”

They note that “Even though President Trump asked McMaster to fire the individuals on the list, the NSC chief refused the president’s directives.” Instead, the insubordinate General remained and the Trump loyalist who warned him of what is happening, of the infiltration and subversion going on with the Obama holdovers, is fired.

Harvey is not just some hack who happened to be related to the President and schmoozed his way into a spot on the NSC or something of that nature. In 2008 General Jack Keane described him saying, “Harvey is hands down the very best intelligence analyst that the United States government has on Iraq.” No amount of qualifications can compensate for being a Trump – Bannon nationalist in a globalism-centered environment. They couldn’t even make up a reason with Harvey, so McMaster fired him without one.

Back on July 21st, less than two weeks ago, the first Bannon trophy was hung over McMaster’s fireplace. Rich Higgins, a former Pentagon aide wrote and circulated a memo warning that the “deep state,” “globalists,” and “bankers” with aligning with “Islamists” against the Trump administration.

Blowing the whistle and exposing the globalist coup in action simply won’t be tolerated by McMaster. At least Higgins was able to sound the alarm, open a few sets of eyes and get some satisfaction. He clearly sees the threat to America, the Trump Presidency and the American people, which motivated him to expose the McMaster – Cohn – Powell globalist cabal.

Laura Ingraham hasn’t let all of this pass without commenting. She tweeted an old New York Times article which documented McMaster’s philosophy on Islamic terrorism, which mirrors that of Obama, and his admonition to the staff not to use the term Islamic terrorists.

The problem is, we the powerless people are all talking while President Trump pretends none of this is going on. How can he not see what’s happening right under his nose?


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5 Comments on Globalist McMaster Fires 3 Trump – Bannon Loyalists In 2 Weeks, Protects Obama Holdovers

  1. Until President Trump decides to get something done about McMasters, this scenario will potentially bury Trump. What the hell is going on here??

  2. Y’all are not going to believe this…

    McMaster was hired to replace Flynn in response to a recommendation from John McCain. McMaster needs to be out before sunrise tomorrow and if Kelly doesn’t quickly rehire those three loyal staff, he needs to go too. The swamp runneth deep. Sickening.

  3. Trump’s blind infatuation with anything or anyone “military” has caused some of his principles to run off the rails, especially regarding foreign affairs. It appears the MIC, deep state and establishment warmongers have taken root in the administration and Trump is complying. Is this a strategically temporary position? Or, is Trump caving? We have to believe he knows this shit is happening. Is his narcissism overcoming his common sense?

  4. Kelleigh Nelson // August 3, 2017 at 8:22 pm // Reply

    This guy is a hardcore globalist, remember who told him to get rid of all the good ones and fill it with Obama people…Susan Rice. This is ugly, why hasn’t our President seen what’s going on and fired this bozo.

  5. McMaster is an enemy within and is doing great harm to Trump and our Nation. Fire him ASAP.

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