Globalist Bush Attacks Trump, Patriots Opposing Open Borders, Invasion

Globalist Bush attacked Trump and American patriots as bigots for opposing his invasion. He claims it’s due to white supremacy, a tactic to smear their…

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George W. Bush made a speech at his library on Thursday, one that illustrated how much he might benefit from spending more time there himself, polishing up on his reading skills.

He spoke on behalf of the globalists engaged in a stealth attack on America, both from within by corrupting our social fabric and our political and bureaucratic structures as well as from without by flooding our nation with a crushing wave of foreigners. His appearance seems to indicate that the evildoers may recognize that they’ve been discovered and are attempting to mitigate the damage to their schemes.

As hard as it is to listen to the wind-up doll delivery of the robotic Bush stumbling through the text prepared for him by more literate globalist writers, it’s fortunate that a small collection of some of the many offensive iterations was available. It’s just over a minute in length, and about as much globalist Bush as a patriot can handle.

In the video Bush oddly describes America’s identity as not being determined by geography or ethnicity. If geography isn’t a factor one has to wonder why the foreigners are trying so hard to cross our borders into our geographic space. Of course our borders determine our nation geographically. If an enemy wanted to bomb the US they wouldn’t drop them on Finland, would they George?

It’s a deliberate lie, certainly not the first he and his predatory family have told us. Just like every other nation, geography is our nation. He’s trying to minimize the importance of  our borders, which he has long been working to erase into the global government New World Order his father holds so much reverence for.

Bush claims being an American simply involves the “embrace of high ideals,” like breaking our laws to be smuggled across the border by criminal drug cartels and working on someone else’s identity in order to send money back to the homeland and wait for citizenship.

“Civic responsibility” is key as well, says Bush, like forcing the involuntary host Americans to support an illegal family through social programs, educating their children and paying for their medical care through inflated hospital charges due to their failure to pay for themselves.

He makes the unnecessary statement that people of every race “can be fully and equally American” solely for the purpose of laying a foundation for demeaning white Americans as racists due to their opposition to mass invasion.

He follows it up immediately by predictably stating, “It means that bigotry or white supremacy in any form is blasphemy against the American creed.” How about black or brown supremacy, George, how do you feel about those issues and why aren’t they also being raised?

Many Mexican invaders argue that this is their stolen nation. BLM, the New Black Panthers and other black supremacy groups and individuals call for the deaths of white people and have been instrumental in the deaths of countless police officers. Is that not worthy of your attention as well? Don’t you fascists want equality among your slaves?

Getting dangerously close to reviving memories of Bushisms, the neocon propagandist says, “We’ve seen nationalism distorted into nativism, forgotten the dynamism that immigration has always brought to America.” Controlled immigration can have dynamic attributes but invasions bring only chaos and destruction. He and his ilk, like George Soros, are orchestrating the invasion of America, and he’s speaking on its behalf.

He represents the modern day fascists, the descendents of those his grandfather financed in Europe in WWll. They’re all cleaned up and “respectable” now, but just as evil and just as greedy and lusting for power as their predecessors.

That’s why he’s attacking President Trump, he’s getting in the way and those hated patriots are actually still supporting him despite all of their attempts to railroad him out of office. In a most thinly-veiled manner, he accuses President Trump of being a bully and a prejudiced bigot.

He says, “The only way to pass along civic values is to first live up to them.” Tell that to the millions of Iraqis you incinerated in bombing Baghdad, Bush, and elsewhere, in a nation that had nothing to do with terrorist attacks on the US and which was keeping Iran in check.

Talk about your civic values to the families of the servicemen who were killed and maimed conducting your globalist neocon operation for whatever your hidden motivation really was or still is.

Bush represents the enemy. He has no values or loyalty beyond their cabal. As he said, to him America is just a geographic area, one to be pillaged and with a population to be diluted and then enslaved.

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5 Comments on Globalist Bush Attacks Trump, Patriots Opposing Open Borders, Invasion

  1. When they trot out Bush, they are on the run. The globalists are desperate and let’s hope we can roll them back, at least in America, before we totally become Amerika.

  2. Bush is a pampered rich white boy who got us into a mess of trouble based on faulty intel and a desire to control more of the world’s oil & we’ve squandered more of our treasury, resources and time in the Middle East than in all of WWII AND he used it as an excuse to create the worst set of laws ever devised to deceive the American public – the un-Patriot Act, which virtually eliminated all of our privacy and eroded the Bill of Rights…and most citizens are too stupid to see it which is the real killer as the foolish public ‘think’ they’re more secure.

  3. George W Bush needs to remove himself from opening mouth and visit his and daddy’s place of worship, the Bohemian Grove. I do not want to ever see another BUSH in office!

  4. Dr Rolland Kerr // October 20, 2017 at 12:31 pm // Reply

    George W. Bush was the Patsy who signed off on the so-called attacks of 9/11/2001. What a stupid a*s is that G.W. Bush!

  5. as far as I’m concerned BUSH IS A USELESS EATER.

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