Giuliani Nipping At His Heels, Sessions Needs To Prosecute Criminal Democrats

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It seems President Trump is becoming just as frustrated and disgusted as we are with the lack of prosecution of any of the countless Democrat criminals who have been exploiting and preying upon our nation and the American people in the pursuit of personal wealth and power.

Candidate Trump leading crowds in cheers of “lock her up” seems like an awful long time ago and the prospect of Clinton or any of her cohorts and co-conspirators actually going to prison for their crimes seems increasingly unlikely.

As the President reaches the end of his patience and tolerance with the criminal, corrupt Democrats pursuing him, his administration and his family with their fake, malicious, subversive coup attempt, rumblings in recognition of the fact that Attorney General Sessions is doing nothing are being heard. He needs to listen up and get in gear, convene some grand juries or get the hell out of the way. And take Deputy AG Rodentstein with him.

Rumors are circulating, likely deliberately leaked by the White House, of the prospect of replacing AG Sessions with former US Attorney and New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Whether that is an effort to test the waters or to light a fire under Sessions, only the President and those he tells know, but clearly he is not satisfied with the performance of his AG to this point.

On Monday President Trump tweeted, “So why aren’t the Committees and investigators, and of course our beleaguered A.G., looking into Crooked Hillarys crimes & Russia relations?” Axios’ Mike Allen wrote that President Trump “often muses about personnel moves he never makes,” noting Giuliani would  have a difficult time getting through the Senate.

In theory the party of the President, the Republicans, is in power but DC Republicans are cowards and are as often as not owned by their political enablers. In practice the President is almost operating without a party. Having an Attorney General who is unwilling to prosecute the criminal enemy that is circling like wolves is, to say the least, unhelpful.

President Trump had, a couple of days earlier, sent out a series of tweets, also directed at the invisible Attorney General.

Giuliani has downplayed the situation, stating that under the circumstances Sessions did the right thing in recusing himself, a position that Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) agrees with. That’s a diplomatic and politically proper statement for him to make, but just as it’s hard to argue with success, it’s equally difficult to ignore failure or a simple failure to act. A recusal from the Russia hoax in no way prevents his investigating the cascade of offenses by leading Democrats. The evidence on Clinton is begging for action, as are the American people.

Convening grand juries is not a terribly difficult thing to do and much of the evidence in the Clinton and related cases has already been gathered. There is an apparent lack of will on the part of AG Sessions and many Americans who cheered his appointment to the position now have serious concerns. Sessions was hired to do a job. He needs to do it and a priority needs to be the prosecution of the criminal Democrats. Sessions must either get moving on Clinton and the others or just get moving, make room for someone who will.


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17 Comments on Giuliani Nipping At His Heels, Sessions Needs To Prosecute Criminal Democrats

  1. Kelleigh Nelson // July 27, 2017 at 7:46 am // Reply

    We don’t. There’s more to this than we know, this is some kind of Sessions/Trump set up for the dumbed down media…let’s wait and see what happens

    • Kelleigh, you can’t imagine how perfectly you are on the mark. !00%, Darlin’.

      • Kelleigh Nelson // July 27, 2017 at 10:25 am // Reply

        I think we’ve all been had, and I think these two have something big up their sleeves, especially with the hiring of the barn yard dog with the big teeth…Scaramucci. That guy is a bare knuckle fighter.

        Behind the scenes without any leaks Sessions is implementing the entire immigration agenda Trump wants. Scaramucci is going after the leakers, and I would bet a dollar to a donut that Sessions has a list of them. I want Sessions to start on prosecuting the leakers as he stated, and I want him to start with that scumbag jerk Comey who started all this crap.

        Let’s wait and watch. I’m betting these two men set this whole thing up. Said this on Monday to my attorney buddy and we both said the whole thing smells false, something is going on.

        Yep, I now think these two are playing the media and the left. We’ll see, I may be wrong, but I think these guys are sharks.

        • As Trump would call them, “they’re killers”

          • Kelleigh Nelson // July 27, 2017 at 10:50 am //

            Well, Rick, we’ll see what happens, but if Sessions and Trump are playing the left and the media, they’ve done one helluva great job of it. Meanwhile, Sessions is doing his job, and he’s doing it just like I’d expect a southern gentleman to do it.

  2. Kelleigh Nelson // July 26, 2017 at 7:06 am // Reply

    Amen bro, Amen

  3. Kelleigh Nelson // July 26, 2017 at 6:38 am // Reply

    Did you all forget that he recused himself from investigating Clinton if he was confirmed?

    • Even better, Kelleigh, assign it to Rachel Brand or Dana Boente but get a grand jury impaneled – his recusal should not mean she walks.

      • He only recused himself from the Russian investigation.

        • from CNN July 25th “In recusing himself from the Russia investigation, Sessions cited his involvement with the campaign. He also said during his confirmation hearing in January that he would recuse himself from any investigation into Clinton, saying his ‘objectivity would be in question.'”

  4. A big “NO” to Giuliani. He’s an “Open Borders” POS. NWO anyone? That’s a lot closer if Giuliani gets in. Sessions is doing great with the borders, and cleaning up gangs and criminal illegals. Now on to All Illegals. All we got to do is get him to “un-recuse” himself on Russia. That was for the campaign anyway, nothing to do with the presidency.

    • How do we know that Sessions isn’t working on the Hillary and other Dem corruption? He may have the FBI gathering more info so that he can present everything that he wants investigated? On the other hand, maybe he thinks it’s hands off when it comes to the Clintons since Trump stated that he wasn’t going to go after them because they are “nice people” and have suffered enough. The recusing had nothing to do with the campaign. It was only after Sessions had been conformed as AG and all of this Russia stuff came up that he recused himself. The special prosecutor should be fired, and there are plenty of legal reasons that Trump can present to do so.

  5. YES !! I agree !!!! Do your job under that oath to do so !! If all these career corrupt politicians were to be fully prosecuted NO MATTER WHAT PARTY !! this nation would be on a fast track of recovering and repair !! SWAMP SWAMP SWAMP !! gonna be full if they do their jobs !!

  6. Trump would best be advised to keep Sessions in the job. He is an element of stability… solid as a rock. Trump needs to focus on other things, many other things.

    • I agree. I’m very disappointed in Trump. If he’s unhappy with Sessions, he should employ the common decency of speaking with him in private instead of spewing his disappointment through tweets. Sessions gave up his job in Congress to serve the President And what message is he sending to the rest of his cabinet?

  7. Kelleigh Nelson // July 25, 2017 at 10:06 am // Reply

    He’s the boss, give the order, he’s acting childish, and I don’t like it. Sit down with your AG who supported you from the beginning on a one-on-one in the family residence and have a chat and spewing this crap in public. You’re the boss, act like it and keep this shit inside the White House. Damn it Trump, you’re 70 years old, not 18.

  8. I’m inclined to believe that Giuliani would be like a pit bull once given the command. The GOP would most likely not want him in there, and if they don’t use the nuclear option to get him through there would be no doubt as to their treasonous ends.

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