Girl Allowed To Wrestle On Testosterone Injections Because She’s Gender Troubled

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Sometimes it’s difficult in the transgender situations to keep track of whether you’re dealing with a girl pretending to be a boy or the reverse. The issue is generally one of the impact of efforts to accommodate the identity-challenged individual at the expense of the normal folks he or she comes into contact with. Liberals trying to mold the real world into what they envision it should be, and doing so without any regard of the unintended consequences or inclusion of common sense in the decision making process.

Mack Beggs, in the red and black, has a testosterone enhanced male physique.

In Texas, a Euless Trinity High School wrestler that goes by the name of “Mack Beggs,” is a girl taking testosterone injections in order to become more manly, as she has decided in this day of DIY gender selection that she’s no longer a girl. She’s being given the testosterone because her body still thinks it’s a girl, though those similarities are quickly disappearing.

A problem has developed thanks to libtard administrators in the University Interscholastic League, who determined that an exception to the use of performance enhancing supplements, in this case muscle building testosterone, could be extended to Beggs. The requirements, they determined, applied to her mental health issues, with the performance enhancing substance being prescribed by a medical practitioner for a “valid medical purpose.”

The UIL determines an athlete’s gender based upon the birth certificate of the individual. She’s a girl, true enough, but they ruled she would be allowed to compete against other girls who were not trying to be boys through artificial means, the otherwise banned enhancement supplement. Once again the self-aggrandized libtards fail at playing God in the supposed pursuit of a level playing field, equality and fairness.

On Friday, the opening day of the Texas Class 6A state girls wrestling championship, Beggs advanced past two female opponents in the 110-pound weight class. It can’t really be described as winning, as the use of a controlled substance is involved. Russians were forced to sit out the Summer Olympics in Rio for this type of thing, but all you need to do in Texas is claim gender confusion and the same kind of cheating magically becomes legal. What’s good enough for the Olympics isn’t good enough in Texas.

The Star-Telegram reports on some of the dissent among Beggs’ opponents and their parents, with at least one parent overheard yelling “cheater” at Beggs. That parent, Patti Overstreet, added, “Look at how beefed up she is. It’s because she’s taking an enhancement. Whether she’s a boy, girl, wants to be purple or blue it doesn’t matter. When you’re using a drug and you’re 10 times stronger than the person you’re wrestling because of that drug, that shouldn’t be allowed.”

An athletic director watching the events, who spoke on the condition that he remain anonymous, consistent with the true cowardly fashion of today’s “men,” recognizes a problem. He said, “there is cause for concern because of the testosterone. I think there is a benefit.” Really? Ya think that might be why it’s outlawed for everybody except this one individual?

Perhaps that’s also why his entire event is tainted, why the participants who wrestled Beggs were being discriminated against because they are normal.  The libtard academic  types at the the University Interscholastic League clearly failed in their effort to create their dream of Utopian wrestling equality but they were successful in one endeavor, their self-identification as a short-sighted fools and a Texas-sized laughing stock.

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