Gingrich On Trump Leaks, Tax Return – Prosecute Aggressively Or It Won’t Stop

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President Trump told Tucker Carlson that the hack and release of his one tax return was a felony and it was a disgrace. The conversation between Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich deals with the larger issue of “Everybody knows it was wrong, now what are you going to do about it?”

Hannity references a statement by “liberal Joe” Scarborough in which he claims the President cherry picked a single tax return to deflect attention from the Obamacare mess and the Russia hearings. Gingrich expresses his thoughts on the problem with Scarborough and the rest of the liberal left, comparing it to a trip to the movies.

Gingrich says, “If you look at ‘X-Men’ or you look at ‘Transformers’ or you look at a whole range of these hero movies and these various wild action movies, you understand the mindset of a large number of Americans who can’t think anymore. All they want is noise and sound and action. And that’s the modern left.”

He says, “Joe Scarborough used to be a much smarter guy but the longer he stays at MSNBC, the more he seems to drink the left-wing Kool-Aid, and he gets to be kind of goofy. It’s not ideological, he’s just out of touch with reality.”

They then turn to the important matters at hand, with Gingrich saying, “So let’s start with what the President said, which I agree with one hundred percent, but it’s up to the President and his administration to follow through. It is a felony to release an Internal Revenue Service tax record. It’s punishable by five years imprisonment, and they’re going to have to start empanelling grand juries and tracking down people who are breaking the law.”

Gingrich says, “Let’s be clear with this. This isn’t about civil disobedience. This isn’t about the public’s right to know. There are a set of laws for good, powerful reasons, which prevent people from routinely taking government information and giving it out. And we have to enforce those laws (except for Hillary Clinton) if we’re going to have any kind of semblance of government in Washington DC.

Gingrich recommends that the administration organize a nonsense squad or “garbage patrol” to deal with the distractions like the Russia hoax so that real business doesn’t get swallowed up and sidetracked, as the successful liberal plan is causing to happen presently. He even recommended that Mitt Romney might be an excellent choice for that position.

Hannity says the deep state Obama holdovers have to be fired. Gingrich agrees, noting that career civil servants are not entitled to break the law and it needs to be enforced “very aggressively.”

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