Gingrich – Trump Should Close WH Briefing Room – Tell Dishonest Elites To Go Sit In Starbucks

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Judge Jeanine Pirro asked President Trump about two questions the Fake News New York Times reported regarding his meeting with James Comey in January. He was asked about their allegations that he had asked for a pledge of personal loyalty of the type that Obama would ask from his followers. President Trump said he didn’t ask the question but that seeking a pledge of loyalty to the nation wouldn’t be inappropriate, it would depend upon how the question was asked.

She also asked about the tweet he sent in which he intimated that there might be tape recordings of the conversations. That was a question the President refused to comment on aside from expressing his desire that Comey will be honest.

Newt Gingrich points out that two guys dining could easily have very different memories of the dinner. He says, “This is just child’s stuff.” Gingrich notes who FDR conducted his press briefings from the very beginning, which was that everything was off the record, they could quote a senior White House official but never him directly and anyone who broke the rules was out, forever banned from future briefings.

Gingrich believes a similar posture towards the media is in order in today’s environment where the media are “dishonest opponents pretending to be reporters.” He reminds the audience that Trump is not there for entertainment purposes or to wrestle with the media propagandists. He’s got a big  job and big goals.

Gingrich recommends that the administration “get out of all of this junk, they ought to focus on the big goals, they ought to report to the nation on the big goals, ignore all the reporters, close down the press room” and send the reporters to the Starbucks across the street. He adds, “I don’t care where they go. These people are not committed to the truth, they are not committed to being neutral, and why would you hang out with a bunch of people who despise you?”

“I mean just get over it,” Gingrich says, “and create an entire new tradition of reporting directly to the American people, not reporting to these guys.” and “get beyond the elite media.” Hannity says he loves the idea and believes the media “will implode.” He says, “I’m beginning to think this is real, that Trump’s had it, I’ve had it.”

We’ve all had it.

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3 Comments on Gingrich – Trump Should Close WH Briefing Room – Tell Dishonest Elites To Go Sit In Starbucks

  1. I’ve been saying this from the beginning.

    • I agree phyllis, shut em down, put them in their place

      • TONYA PARNELL // May 13, 2017 at 3:18 pm // Reply

        For the first time, I have enjoyed Spicer as a press briefer; however, if all they want to do is spin everything-so be it, shut it down-then they can bitch and moan some more.

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