Gingrich – Nunes Reveals Serious Threat, Critical We Find Out What’s Really Going On

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Sean Hannity told Newt Gingrich on Wednesday, “I look at this and I say ‘Wow,’ here it is, the media has been so wrong for so long. They’re trying to make a big deal ‘well, was he actually wiretapped or as there surveillance?’ For two weeks on this program we have been pointing out that in fact surveillance did take place. Now this is confirmed and Devin Nunes, the House Intelligence Committee chair is very disturbed. I think every American should feel the same way.”

Gingrich agrees, saying, “Well, I hope that both the House and Senate Intelligence committees are going to dig into this and rip apart the bureaucracies and find out who did it, who authorized it, how did they make the changes that the Obama ‘presidency’ made to make it easier to leak? This is really very, very sobering about American civil liberties. Here apparently you have a ‘president’ who’s party is defeated, who then uses the intelligence apparatus of the United States and then changes the rules knowing it will make it easier to leak, and this whole thing is sick.”

“I also thing that it is astonishing,” says Gingrich, “to have had everybody pile on President Trump and now turn out that President Trump is right. I look forward to the New York Times and the Washington Post issuing editorials mea culpa admitting that Trump was right and they were wrong. And  I love the idea of CBS, NBC and ABC actually admitting that their coverage has been wrong and their assumptions have been wrong. – and CNN and MSNBC.”

Gingrich believes “We’ve got to go back to the rule of law. That’s why I think the House and Senate intelligence committees have to have deep investigations, tear this thing apart and figure out who did what , when did they do it, who authorized it, who broke the law, and then insist that the Justice Department prosecute the people who broke the law. I mean, this is one of the most incredible breaches that I can think of since World War ll, where an American elected, the new elected President, is being in effect spied upon by his own government. That’s really sobering.”

They also discuss the dealing conducted on the healthcare front, with the revelation being made that one of the key sticking points on the part of the Freedom Caucus was that they did not want President Trump to be negatively impacted by a bad bill being passed, one that would set Republicans up for failure in 2018.


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