Gingrich – Mueller Define Charges As Condition Of Questioning Trump, Holder Shut His Mouth

Newt Gingrich says President Trump should insist that hitman Robert Mueller define the charges against him prior to him answering questions, which should be done in writing…

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Newt Gingrich is asked to comment on the comments of Obama’s first subversive at Attorney General, Eric Holder, in which he suggested that AG Jeff Sessions needs “to have the guts to look at the President every now and again and say ‘No.'” Gingrich finds those comments coming from that lowlife to be laughable.   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

Gingrich says, “I think the idea of an Obama Attorney General, given their terrible track record with the Clinton investigation, the degree to which they essentially colluded with the Clintons to avoid learning things that would have knocked her out of the race, I think for Holder to say anything shows a level of chutzpah that’s remarkable.”

“And remember,” says Gingrich, “Jeff Sessions didn’t go out of his way to fire McCabe. McCabe was found guilty by the Inspector General of the FBI, who said that McCabe had failed to tell the truth and that under FBI rules, which have been applied very consistently to a number of people over the last year, if you fail to tell the truth as an FBI agent you’re fired.”

“Now that was not Trump,” Gingrich notes, “that was the internal Inspector General, who I believe was an Obama appointee. Gingrich also dismantles the assertion by Holder that the “timing is suspicious” in the firing of McCabe. Gingrich says, “He ought to talk to the Inspector General who he helped appoint.”

He notes that the timing was not a function of the Attorney General Sessions, the timing was a function of when did the report come in, the report apparently came in that day, they thought he’d be fired by five o’clock and apparently the Attorney General reviewed it, wanted to make sure it was correct, and then fired him.”

Gingrich says it’s astonishing that we’re seeing this double standard. Not so much, it would be more astonishing if equal justice were being exhibited.

Gingrich believe the hiring by Trump of attorney Joe diGenova for his legal team was a wise move and explains that dealing with a special counsel is unlike anything else. DiGenova has experience as a special counsel and is very supportive of President Trump. He considers it a good move on the President’s part.

Gingrich recommends that President Trump stop elevating Mueller’s stature by tweeting about him but that’s much easier for him to say, he’s not the one being persecuted with fabricated claims and allegations with no facts or crimes to justify them.

Gingrich advises President Trump and his attorneys to accept written questions from Mueller and reply in writing in order to avoid the certain perjury traps that will be awaiting him. He says,  “It’s very dangerous for somebody who has the enjoyment of talking that President Trump has, to get in that kind of a conversation.

He adds that President Trumps attorneys should also ask the Mueller people, “Tell us what crime you’re investigating.” He says, “This is a point Andy McCarthy has made brilliantly. Why is Mueller talking to the President? What’s the crime? What’s he investigating? You’re not allowed to just run a dragnet, you know.”

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