Gingrich – Media Propagandists Ignore, Demean The Right – Promote The Left

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Eric Bolling highlights the differences in the coverage provided by the establishment propagandists to the pro-abortion femiNazi march of last Saturday, the wall to wall, insult by insult broadcasts versus the almost universal ignoring of and downplaying of Friday’s pro-life event.

Newt Gingrich offers his views. He notes that the speech by Vice President Pence was the first time a sitting vice president had attended one of these marches, so it was a pretty big deal. Gingrich says, “This is exactly what Steve Bannon was saying to the New York Times. Left-wing, pro-abortion, anti-conservative ‘news media’ are going to do everything they can to hide from the reality that there are vastly more Americans who care about life than there are who care about weird people wearing strange hats with kitty cat ears and talking about bombing the White House.”

“The grotesque difference,” says Gingrich, “between the hard left that we saw on Saturday and the Americans who came together today, the difference in attitude, the difference in tone, the difference in language. I think a lot more Americans are comfortable with Vice President Pence’s speech than with Madonna’s speech.”

Bolling points back to the difference in the media attention, with Gingrich saying, “Look, the media is, 80 percent or 90 percent of the media is the opposition party. I mean let’s be honest about it. These aren’t reporters these are propagandists. There was one panel on journalism in the age of Trump in which I don’t think a single member of the panel voted for Trump.”

He says, “They’ve learned nothing, they were wrong during the primaries, he won. They were wrong in the general election, he won.  They’ve been wrong about his cabinet, it’s a great cabinet. They were wrong about covering the inaugural, which is truly an historic inaugural, harkening back to Lincoln’s first inaugural in 1861. They miss it every time because they’re so far to the left and so out of touch with everyday Americans.”

Gingrich tears into the mainstream establishment propagandists, saying “I think every American should recognize the media bias. You’re not getting any kind of serious news coverage. You’re getting propaganda, you’re getting hostility.

He adds, “I’ve had a long career in this business. The news media has gotten worse, just as the academic community has gotten worse. They are more left wing, they are more monolithic, and they are more angry, year by year.”

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3 Comments on Gingrich – Media Propagandists Ignore, Demean The Right – Promote The Left

  1. “…the difference in attitude, the difference in tone, the difference in language.” It is becoming so obvious that the left is off the charts in uncivilized, uncouth behavior. It’s very sad to see but maybe it has to hit rock bottom for a recovery to happen.

  2. Dr. Deplorable // January 28, 2017 at 9:03 pm // Reply

    Pro-Abortionists had their March and they said, kill millions of children (especially Black Children)in the womb and sell their body parts; on-the-other-hand, Pro-Life Americans were guided by God and they held a Pro-life event and listened to Vice President Mike Pence denounce Homosexual King Hussein “Herod” O’Vomit and the Murdering of Helpless Children. God is GOOD! Praise Lord Jesus and all Pro-lifers!

  3. Dr. Deplorable // January 28, 2017 at 8:51 pm // Reply

    Newt is one very wise and understanding man.

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