Gingrich – Left Are Lockstep Radicals, GOP Disorganized, Horrible Salesmen

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Newt Gingrich notes how the left has become progressively more and more militant over the past twenty-five years or so. He described speaking before of a group of over 300 students earlier in the week and asking them how many felt “intimidated on campus for being Republican or being pro-Trump,” with one out of every three hands going up.

Gingrich talks about the radical differences in the politicized issues between Democrats and Republicans but Bartiromo wonders if that isn’t also the case among Republicans. She cites Congressman Mo Brooks who described the situation as “we pass legislation in the House and it goes to the Senate to die.”

He references Ronald Reagan and how he understood that by “turning up the light for the American public that you can turn up the heat on Congress.” He says, “There are enough Democrats up for reelection next year in the Senate, in states that Trump carried, that if the Republicans would organize a serious grassroots campaign, if you go for tax cuts rather than tax reform, if you build a bill that is deficit neutral rather than revenue neutral, you’re going to have so many people in their home states who want that bill that they’re not going to be able to stop it.”

Hoping for organization and working towards winning by Republicans in anything other than their own race for their seat is a bit optimistic. He points out, “Part of this is the Republican Party that isn’t selling the issues back home, isn’t creating the momentum and being clear enough about why these things are good for you, not just good for the country but good for you as a person.”

He makes the statement that Republicans are not focusing enough on the politics of individuals, with an example of the importance of coverage for pre-existing conditions in health care. Everybody knows someone with a pre-existing condition, that makes it important to most of the country and therefore something that must be incorporated into the solution. He says, “You’ve got to start with where people are and then write the bill, you don’t write the bill and then try to go and sell people.

Speaker Gingrich also points to the difference between revenue neutral and deficit neutral in spending. He explains that if you try to write a revenue neutral bill, all of it has to occur in the tax code – and that means, you are in a situation where you’ve got to raise taxes on somebody in order to cut taxes on somebody else,” a net losing environment politically.

The deficit neutral method that Gingrich endorses has benefits that are real, tangible and don’t target one taxpayer for the benefit of another.

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