Gingrich – Why Intel Committees Not Investigating Clinton Real Russia Collusion Corruption?

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Sean Hannity sets up the segment with questions that those of us in the masses that are the silent majority have been screaming to have answered for over a year. He references a single “donation” of $31 million to the Clinton Foundation by a Canadian who accompanied Bill Clinton on a suspicious trip to Kazakhstan. There’s the other millions that were donated in addition to the doubling of the already outrageous speaking fees for the sexual predator ex-president, and his wife, the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton “signed off on Russia getting 20% of America’s uranium.”

Any of these individually would  be cause for concern. Taken in their totality they spell fraud, conspiracy, racketeering and treason. Gingrich notes that “it is very strange that both the House and Senate Intelligence committees are chaired by Republicans, and yet all of the noise is about phony charges involving Donald Trump.”

He continues, saying, “I mean you have real evidence, as you pointed out, Peter Schweizer’s book is amazing, since then we’ve had all of the WikiLeaks, we have an enormous amount of evidence. I mean, I do think it’s legitimate for the American people to want to know about all of this foreign, where’s it going, who’s it going to, etc. But I think a totally one-sided witch hunt by the elite media, spurred on by liberals inside the permanent bureaucracy, and then with the shrill partisanship of Schumer and Pelosi, neither of whom, to the best of my knowledge, ever called for an investigation of Bill Clinton’s money, an investigation of Uranium one, an investigation of all the different dealings.”

I think the country deserves a really thorough exploration of the issue of foreign money gradually corrupting our system, but that ought to be an even-handed, serious look, and it has to include as part of it, really delving into the Clintons and their network of millions and millions of dollars. And I’m frankly mystified why the Republican leadership in both the House and the Senate have been so timid and so unwilling to just open up a straight-out investigation.”

Hannity says, “It seems to me that’s a quid quo pro” on the part of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, describing her signing off on 20% of our Uranium to Russia as “insanity.” He addresses the point that it is now confirmed that there was surveillance conducted on the President-elect in the months of November, December and January and that it may even have been taking place before the election. Hannity asks if every American shouldn’t be concerned that the sitting ‘president’ and his closest aides were involved in espionage on their political opponent.

Gingrich says, “You have to believe that the deep state and the Obama team were in collusion, doing things designed to undermine and weaken the person who the American people elected to be president. I think it’s very troubling and I think it deserves very serious investigation.”

He also chimes in on health care, voicing his belief as well, that not passing that bad bill was a blessing in disguise for Republicans and the American people in general.

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