Gingrich – Include Clinton Podesta Obama Russia Connection In 3 or 4 Investigations

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Newt Gingrich is asked if the criminality of what was happening at the Obama White House in relation to the spying and revealing that was engaged in by the former regime is being overlooked in all of the discussions of the process of the investigation. He raises the issue of the changes to executive order 13222 by Obama and Lynch, which “would allow gossip and things that were not proven to be distributed very widely in the intelligence community, knowing that they were likely to leak.”

Gingrich asks, “Where are the decision memos, why was that decided, who made the decision.” Pointing to how bizarre all of this is, beyond something he’d put into a novel, Gingrich suggests three or four parallel investigations are probably needed. He says, “There’s one into what happened in the White House, there’s one into the whole process of relationships with Russia. But if you’re going to start going into relationships with Russia, you also should be looking at the Clintons and all of the different things that involve money, with people who happen to be Democrats. And it’s going to turn out to be, the more we learn the bigger the mess this is going to turn out to be.”

Gingrich expects the investigation process to take at least a year. Asked if Rep Devin Nunes “screwed this up,” referring to the way he rolled out the information about the spying and unmasking and his decision to share it with the President before the wormy Democrat ranking member on the Intelligence committee, Shifty Adam Schiff.

Gingrich replies, “I don’t know because I don’t quite know why he went down to the White House. He could clearly have handled it better. But let’s be very clear here. Adam Schiff, who is the Democrat ranking member, is totally partisan and this idea that Nunes is somehow different is baloney.”

Gingrich continues, “And I think the objective reality is that you have, in the Senate, a veneer of bipartisanship for the moment, which may or may not last. But these things tend to become very partisan and you’ll notice it’s all being framed as anti-Republican. And nobody has suggested we go back and look at what happened with the Clintons, who had vastly greater dealings with Russia than anything that has been suggested about the Trump team.”

“But somehow we’re supposed to be focused on Trump,” Gingrich notes, “And I think you’re going to find that the country does deserve to know what is the kind of foreign influence peddling that threatens our entire democracy. Who does it, and the Chinese, frankly, are as much a part of it as the Russians, and how do we track it.”

He points out that the offer by the White House to allow Shifty and his complaining Democrats to view the same documents that Nunes showed to the President will only change the fight, it will do nothing to quiet things. This is an attack by Democrats on the President, they’ll modify their position to accommodate the new information and the old destructive mission and continue just as before. He says, “This is largely a partisan fight, not a national security fight.”

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