Gingrich – Comey Was Pathetic, A Good Political Hatchet Job For The Democrats

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Newt Gingrich joined Martha MacCallum for a review of the day’s events in regard to the House Intelligence Committee hearings and the testimony of FBI Director James Comey in particular. He leads off by saying, “It’s disturbing to look at the lack of FBI aggressiveness when you’re having so many secrets that are leaked that  are dangerous to American national security.”

Gingrich lets MacCallum slide on her statement that the wiretapping was debunked when in actuality it was a statement that the two men, NSA’s Rogers and the FBI’s Comey hadn’t seen any evidence. There’s a FISA court warrant that was issued for something, so saying it’s debunked is premature, and it ignores the Napolitano report and the information from WikiLeaks and others. He’s got limited time and bigger fish to fry, so he let it pass.

Asked which aspect of the hearings story he wants to take on first, Gingrich replies, “Look, some of it is so idiotic you have to really wonder what’s going on.  For example, two of the people that they cite as campaign people actually had letters written to them by the campaign lawyers that were cease and desist letters that said you’re not part of this campaign, don’t say you’re part of this campaign and we’re bringing legal sanction against you.” He notes that the news media and Democrats describe them as if they were part of it.

Gingrich then points out, “Remember, Hillary’s campaign chairman’s brother is a registered foreign lobbyist who is representing one of the biggest banks in Russia. Now you certainly don’t hear any talk about that, and that’s certainly not a problem, and nobody would have any suggestion that the Podesta brothers were in any way tainted by Russian money, but now let’s talk about allegations that are baloney.”

“Ninety-seven percent of the donations in the Justice Department, ” says Gingrich, “went to Hillary Clinton. That is an institution filled with people who are liberal lawyers who hate Donald Trump. They’re not doing their job. Comey’s answers today were pathetic.” He points out, “When he’s asked by Trey Gowdy about Susan Rice, he promptly puts in, ‘Oh and other national security advisers would also have that ability.’ That’s not what Trey asked him. He asked him about a specific person in the Obama administration. We’re not talking about other people. But there’s this constant effort, I find the performance by the FBI Director very, very disappointing and frankly a little alarming.”

Gingrich says, “He has too much power to be as politically clever as he is.” He depicts Comey’s testimony, quoting him as saying, “I’m allowed to  tell you there’s an investigation about the Russians and the Trump campaign.  I am not allowed to tell you about any investigations involving Americans who are committing felonies, eligible for up to ten years in jail, leaking secret information.”

Speaker Gingrich asks, “Now how come he could tell us the one but not tell us the other? I mean it makes no sense. And I think Comey’s performance today was incomprehensible as a matter of law enforcement but pretty good as a matter of political hatchet job on behalf of the Democrats.”

While Gingrich admits that Trump “sometimes clutters his own message,” he advises everyone to go back and read his speech at the Hermitage in which he compares himself to Andrew Jackson. Gingrich says he thinks it was one of the most revealing speeches Trump has given, “but Trump is Trump. When he gets in a fight like this he sticks at it, he doesn’t back off. It’s a lesson he learned dealing with Page Six in New York, but interestingly, it also doesn’t seem to bother him.  As you pointed out, he meets with the German Chancellor, he meets with the Iraqi Prime Minister, they’re working on the Supreme Court nomination, they’re trying to pass a healthcare bill. He’s doing a lot of stuff. It’s the news media that seems myopic.”

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