Get Out, Americans – UC Not Sparing Liberals From Replacement By Foreigners

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The liberals, most visibly those in California and the bay area, think diversity and importing foreigners are great things that enable them to construct the United States into the utopia they envision. That is until it impacts them personally, until a foreign import gets their job and they have to train them to do it.

This is far from the first time it’s happened, with Disney, Southern California Edison and Toys-R-Us being infamous for forcing their employees to train their foreign replacements. But as the report says, the incident involving the UC San Francisco, and open-borders former DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, is the first time a public entity has used taxpayer money to fire Americans and hire foreign replacements. It is important to remember that this is illegal, what they are doing is expressly forbidden in the visa regulations.

The video shows Napolitano from her confirmation hearing for Homeland Security Secretary in January of 2009. In it she responded to a question from Sen. Durbin as to whether she had any opinions on the H1-B visa program. The lying globalist hag replied, “Our top obligation [sic] are to American workers, making sure American workers have jobs.”

Sporting her new, closer cropped he/she hair cut and apparently now under no pressure to lie about American jobs being a priority, Napolitano, as University of California President, is the one swinging the foreign, “made in India” job axe.

Open borders commie and Democrat Rep Zoe Lofgren has also changed her tune from her customary “let em all in to take whatever jobs they want, screw the Americans” stance to request that Napolitano reverse her decision. She suddenly discovered the intent of the visa program was to supplement non-existent domestic labor, not force it out of existence.

Describing the actions of replacing Americans with foreign workers as a misuse of the H-1B visa, the hypocrite Congresswoman said, “I think it is proper to expect our major public institutions, such as the University of California, to comply with both the letter and the spirit of the law.”

How often do they need to comply, Lofgren, just when the cameras are on in an assault on Americans in your district? How major does they employer have to be and why are the jobs of public workers, such as yourself, more valuable and deserving of protection from greedy, heartless executives than those of workers in the private sector?

The video exposes the Napolitano track record on forcing Americans out of their jobs, noting that she recently got rid of 97 employees at the UC San Francisco campus, at least one of which is now suing the University system. She claims it was necessary to outsource in order to reduce expenses. The employee interviewed says no pay cut was offered to them, they were simply given the ultimatum – train your replacement or hit the street now.

One short-term solution might be to tie the rate of faculty and administration pay, all the way to the freak at the top, to the percentage of difference between their average foreign visa workers and the average of Americans in the same position, dropping their current salaries by an equivalent amount when foreigners are hired as replacements.

Just as Zoe Lofgren suddenly cared about American workers when it involved voters in her district, the staff at the University will be much more interested in finding alternatives when they share in the pain of cost cutting measures.

Help may be on the way once again in the person of President Trump. He reportedly has an Executive Order drafted already to revamp the H-1B system, eliminating the abuse. Future Attorney General, Senator Jeff Sessions, made it a high priority in his career in that legislative body. This abuse of the American people is something that will not be allowed to continue under a Trump administration.

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