German Retiree Convicted Of Hate Speech For Opposing Merkel Invasion

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It’s understandable that a 66-year-old German man who is on a government pension and barely able to make ends meet would be upset that foreigners, who have contributed nothing to his country and do not see themselves as Germans, would be receiving benefits similar to or perhaps greater than his.

It’s also understandable that their arrogance and disdain for his host nation might cause him to want to speak out. Of course, speaking is a crime when it comes to discussing the reality of Merkel’s Islamic invaders. He opted for the anonymity of posting flyers but was found out and prosecuted.

In his leaflets Wilfried M. labeled the invaders as “parasites.” The definition of a human parasite, which, to label them as human may be a bit of a stretch for many of the barbarians, is “a person who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return.” So what is the problem?

Prosecutors alleged that on July 31, 2016 Wilfried distributed leaflets that said, ”Refugees go home” and “You are parasites” in the town of Werther, North Rhine-Westphalia. He also admitted posting them on walls in a couple of locations.

Calling it “the dumbest thing I’ve ever done” in court, the retiree said his actions were in response to his having had enough of the misbehavior of the Merkel imports in his formerly peaceful little town of 11,500. He described the invaders as “disrespectful, demanding, and ungrateful,” a statement that was not challenged in court.

The court ruled that despite his admission, he was still guilty of “incitement to the people” and handed him the minimum sentence, 3 months in prison, with it suspended for a three-year period. It’s no wonder the invaders as well as their facilitator Ms Merkel are hated in Germany. It is the German people who are being treated as second class citizens under the plague of the invading foreign hordes.

In the opinion of both the prosecutor and the judge, the defense of “human dignity” of the “migrants who had been insulted” was paramount. The fact that Wilfried M. had recently lost his wife to a failed medical operation and is distraught and in desperate financial straits did not matter to the judge. He fined the pensioner €300, the equivalent of $320, payable in $16 monthly payments.

Now he’s got one more monthly reminder, leading up to the elections in the fall, of the unfortunate fact that Germany is no longer the country he grew up in, that Angela Merkel is responsible for its destruction and that above all else she must be defeated.

Wilfried can whisper among his friends in Merkel’s new Nazi Germany, just not loud enough to risk his opinions being heard by any government ears. Whatever you do, Wilfried, don’t put your thoughts on paper. You now know, as many others are learning firsthand, disagreeing with Angela Merkel is a serious criminal offense. Under her authoritarianism you have no right to resist being conquered, you can’t even talk about it.

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  1. Until the German people stand up to Merkel and her cronies, nothing will change. They need a million man march – huge numbers – to show their government this is unacceptable. They can’t jail them all.

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