Gen McInerney – Russia Charade To Distract, Cover Clinton Obama Espionage Tracks

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Lt General Thomas McInerney closes out his comments with a declaration of what is going on with the Democrat’s politically motivated obsessions over Russia. “This whole thing has been a charade,” says Lt Gen McInerney, “it is tactical deception. They do not want the Trump administration to start looking in at the violations of the espionage act by Hillary Clinton with her rogue server and by the ‘president,’ who used a pseudonym on her rogue server and they both are in violation of the espionage act. They do not want this to come out, so they have brought up all of these other ‘facts’ about Russia and why they lost the election.

They began the segment by reviewing the comments of Devin Nunes from the previous week in which he laid out the initial information about the Obama spying that he had obtained and after his initial briefing of the President.

McInerney says he’s not surprised by anything other than it took so long for the questions to be asked. He says he was tipped off “once Director Comey mentioned it, that there had been an investigation since last July, I automatically knew that they were using electronic means, if you will, to get further information. He tipped us all off when he said ‘since July.’ So they get these ‘incidental individuals’ that they pick up things, and the fact is that it’s now being, starting to be widely disseminated that in fact the Trump campaign was monitored electronically, probably in a whole host of areas.”

The anchor notes that there was no mention of Russia in these exchanges, Russia had nothing to do with the discussion and Russians weren’t involved. He then points out that the investigation is used as a cover for Obama, Clinton and others and there are a lot of fingerprints that are now going to start coming out that will show that the Obama administration was heavily listening to what was going on in the Trump campaign.”

McInerney observes, “Now, I don’t know what Director Comey is going to say about that, but the fact is I think the evidence is going to be clear that that’s what happened when they go into closed session. I don’t have the details but I can assure you the American public is not going to like it. She then quotes a statement being issued by a DNCC adviser, the one which prompted the McInerney response about the Russian investigation being a charade.

The Democrat hack said, “Former Trump transition member Devin Nunes blew what little credibility he had left with this pathetic charade. This isn’t an investigation, it’s a protection racket for Donald Trump and his fragile ego. All Nunes has achieved is to prove that we need a real independent investigation and raised serious questions about why the Trump team was in communication with foreign individuals under FISA warrant. It’s time for an independent 9/11 style commission and a special prosecutor now.”

It’s the same distraction away from their concern that Nunes is going to get to the bottom of this, that Democrats cannot control and obstruct the process and effort to smear him in order to gain shared control of the direction and progress of the investigation. A 9/11 investigation was deeply flawed when it actually was the 9/11 commission. Obstruction or ignorance could be the only basis for suggesting a repetition.

He added regarding the continuing effort to cover and distract from the server-related issues, “That’s where the trouble is, let alone the Clinton Foundation. That is a huge pay for business deal.” He agrees that they should be heading to jail for revealing the masked individuals as well.  He says, “So I think that the special prosecutor should start looking at Hillary Clinton’s rogue server that was never given an ATO, which is an ‘Authority to Operate,’ and she had over 2,000 classified emails, 200 SAP emails and that’s in violation of the espionage act.”

Short version – AG Sessions should already have convened a grand jury for Clinton and one for Obama, for starters.

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