Gen Kelly Schools Rep – Fact Saudi Arabia Not On List Proves It’s Not Religious Ban

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Showing why he’s giving Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee a run for their money in the “how’d they get elected sweepstakes,” Rep Cedric Richmond, a Louisiana Democrat, questioned Homeland Security Secretary, General John Kelly in Wednesday hearings.

Richmond said, “Let me just spend one secint [sic] again on the order because some of my colleagues asked about Saudi Arabia and you indicated that we, as a country, was [sic] comfortable with the vetting that is done from on the Saudi Arabia side. In the ban it mentions 9/11.” He then elevates his volume a bit, dramatically noting, “fifteen of the nineteen terrorists involved in 9/11 came from Saudi Arabia, and that doesn’t give us any concern?”

Actually, you showboating mental midget with your cheap, transparent effort preoccupation with gotcha over security, there are concerns from every nation in the Middle East and much of Africa, as well as Asia. With Democrats already working themselves into a constant, frothing lather over seven countries it seems odd that they would you want to consider adding an eighth. A lot of things have changed since 9/11 and while there is plenty of room for concern about the Saudis, he’s missing the point. It’s an order that in large part deals with the vetting or inability to vet visa applicants as well as refugees. We’re not facing an onslaught of “refugees” from Saudi Arabia and we aren’t able to vet applicants from seven identified countries. Pay attention; spend more time doing your homework and less time agitating, Congressman.

General Kelly responded to the shallow, poorly crafted and delivered question, saying, “Of course it does but again, that’s some years ago. That’s exactly why President Trump has decided to take a pause in countries we know are very, very high risk in terms of,  not only terrorists or potential terrorists, but very high risk in terms that they don’t have really any databases we can work with, police, FBI, that kind of thing.” He points out that “Saudi Arabia does have a functioning police and intelligence services that we can work with.’

Kelly continues, saying, “So at least we know that people coming out of that country are, “A,” who they say they are, “B,” why they’re coming to the United States, for whatever reason, tourist or otherwise. But it’s pretty hard, it’s impossible to get into someone’s head.”

Kelly adds, “But I believe if we put someone like Saudi Arabia on the list, given their very good intelligence, their very good intelligence, very good police work and all that kind of thing, then you could make the argument this is about religion and it’s not.”

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  1. Dr. Deplorable // February 9, 2017 at 10:17 am // Reply

    General John Kelly sure is showing why he is a General and why some in Congress are Affirmative Action Reps!

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