Gen Kelly’s Grip On Trump Admin Expands – Top Aide Tapped To Head DHS

kelly nielsen dhs

The John Kelly control grid over the White House and US Government operations seems to be being reinforced with his former position, the Secretary of Homeland Security, going to one of his top aides.

Deputy Secretary Elaine Duke has been serving in that role on an acting basis, through the five hurricanes, the “ending” of DACA and new travel restrictions and vetting requirements on visa issuance, in addition to regular department operations.

But the nomination for the job didn’t go to her, it’s gone to Kelly’s own chief of staff, Kirstjen Nielsen. That gives him a close ally in the huge and wide-ranging department, and likely enables him to maintain his influence and control over it.

Who knows, that might have been the deal, kind of a Putin – Medvedev arrangement where Kelly pulls the strings and makes the decisions from behind the scenes. We can hope not, particularly in light of his pro-amnesty sentiments.

With the globalists Rex Tillerson and HR McMaster steering foreign policy and Kelly and his DC protégé and  insider Nielsen, who also worked for George W. Bush, controlling things domestically, is there still room for conservative views from anyone other than the President in the Administration? We still have to contend with the Kushners pushing their liberal tripe down our throats at every turn as well.

President Trump still has Stephen Miller and thankfully the President seems to be listening to him, at least some of the time, but what’s happening with the MAGA administration?

With Nielsen’s nomination, Kelly’s influence on President Trump and policy is shored up considerably. Combined with his control over access to the President and that’s an awful lot of power in the hands of one man who was not elected by the people of the United States. He was also not part of the Trump team until after the election, and has many globalist leanings which are contrary to the MAGA agenda.

Maybe we’ll get lucky. Maybe the Senate won’t be able to agree on Nielsen or will attempt to hold her approval hostage to the DACA amnesty. Maybe that will be enough to derail her confirmation.

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4 Comments on Gen Kelly’s Grip On Trump Admin Expands – Top Aide Tapped To Head DHS

  1. i don’t know enough about this woman to form an opinion.
    any one got a history on her?

  2. I was wondering if they had something on Trump to blackmail him. But then they would have certainly brought it out during the campaign.

    Can Trump be this stupid, or foolish?

  3. Not Nanny Kelly anymore, but President Kelly…Trump the front man. Too bad Kelly is a globalist and pro-amnesty.

  4. I just read about Trump’s choice online a few seconds ago. I cannot believe Trump is this stupid! I don’t know how to say it other than STUPID! Kelly is becoming more and more powerful and the people are becoming more disillusioned over Trump’s decisions.

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