Gen KELLY Gave MCMASTER Green Light To Hire and FIRE ANYONE He Wants

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It appears that the appointment of General John Kelly as White House Chief of Staff might not be the blessing that many of us had hoped it would be, that it could actually be a problem for patriotic Americans who believe in President Trump’s nationalist message and agenda.

Trump’s Generals have been busy lately, with Defense Secretary James Mattis intervening in a dispute last month between National Security Adviser, globalist and an Obama holdover’s best friend, H.R. McMaster and White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. The incident took place during a policy meeting on Afghanistan last month.

Since that time McMaster has fired three Bannon allies while keeping all Obama holdovers. It just recently became known that McMaster sent a letter to rogue unmasker and Obama operative Susan Rice in April,  allowing her to keep her security clearance despite no longer being in the official government. She still works for Obama and his shadow government, so that information is still nice for her to have access to.

We remember that McMaster also went after Bannon when he first was given the National Security Adviser position, removing him from the National Security Council’s principals committee. He brought in as his deputy fellow globalist, Islam apologist and friend of Valerie Jarrett, Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton, Dina Habib Powell, who was born in Egypt.

Politico reported that McMaster believes Bannon is behind the leaks about him, which may or may not be true. If he is, good job, Steve. That’s nothing compared to the leaks that are coming out of McMaster’s little cadre of Obama holdovers and globalists.

While Politico  reports that McMaster’s relationship with Trump is said to be on shaky ground, they say he’s still planning to keep him in his current position, “at least for the time being.” We’ll soon learn if that is long enough for him to firmly establish a core of exclusively anti-Trump operatives. Nothing that is happening in this area of the Trump administration makes much sense to many of his base supporters.

What makes McMaster’s remaining even more troublesome is that despite him not being liked by Bannon or the President, he reportedly has a powerful ally in Chief of Staff John Kelly. Kelly told McMaster that he wants him to remain and, perhaps as a carrot to entice him or let him know they’re on the same team, authorized him to “make any staffing changes he wants.”

McMaster took him up on the offer with the firing on Wednesday of Ezra Cohen-Watnick from the NSC. It came barely two days into Kelly’s tenure as chief of staff though it was the culmination of months of efforts to force him out, including a previous attempt which was opposed by both Bannon and President Trump.

Our national security policy is being subjected to the judgments and objectives of globalists and deep state Obama holdovers who operate as a rogue, protected class, combined with access to the President now being severely restricted. Everything goes through the filter of McMaster’s ally, the Chief of Staff. It’s an environment that seems ripe for the abuse of power to be not only tolerated but nurtured.

It is also conducive to the stifling of free speech for those not in the globalist camp, if any are left at NSC. Knowing you’ll be fired for expressing anti-globalism views will surely lead to world government-friendly decisions and actions. Any patriot nationalists remaining will only be able to do so if they pretend to be something they’re not or deny being what they are – supportive of the President’s agenda and America’s future sovereignty.


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2 Comments on Gen KELLY Gave MCMASTER Green Light To Hire and FIRE ANYONE He Wants

  1. Never liked Kelly, never will. He’s the one who went behind the President’s back to order up 15,000 new H2-B Visas when we’d gone over the limit already. I also heard he was blocking ICE in certain Texas cities to allow Illegals through. He should never have been considered for the position. I’ll take Scaramucci’s “language” before Kelly’s NWO agenda. And McMasters has to go, fast!!

  2. Freddie Arthur Hisle // August 4, 2017 at 2:51 pm // Reply

    Fire the Traitor mcMasterd, and all of the obomavomit holdovers, then jail them.

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